I find this pl.wiki page to be captivating. I was wondering what chams were from the title of that book

The Polish nobility saw themselves as a separate race from the serfs. I read earlier someone claiming that they were all killed, including the intelligentsia. The book I was looking for mentions how chams should have dignity even though they have peasant origins. To what degree was the Polish nobility even Polish? If you get what I’m aimin at.

Here’s the Pope in 1751

They (the Jews) are leaseholders of inns and farms, and also acquire land. In all these cases they acquire the rights of court owners over unfortunate Christian farm laborers; and they not only exercise their powers in a ruthless and inhuman way, forcing Christians to work strenuous and strenuous by putting excessive burdens on them, but they also subject Christians to corporal punishment such as beatings and inflicting wounds.

Can you believe we don’t learn about any of this? A general rangordnung is emerging which I’m sure many will disagree with me – the Westjuden saw the Ostjuden as primitives, the Ostjuden saw the chams as primitives, the Germans saw the Westjuden as primitives. And now, all of us are treated like chams by those Ostjuden. You Ostjuden seem like retards who are only good with money, so I wouldn’t care if you died. Vaishya-chandalas. So much jargon. You think you’re going to get banned for talking like this, cham? Youuuu look like a peasant, annnnd you talk like one too.

Here’s an account from 1676

heaven for the nobility, hell for the peasants, and a paradise for Jews

So, the question on everyone’s mind… how Esthered did their nobility get?

Poor Land, what a tragedy. Okay I’ll stop being mean. If I ever get tempted by a Jewess you might as well interpret me as lying in a coffin. The way he acts you know the mischlings are going to work for the cabal when they grow up. Brits are their own kind of cham by tolerating ZOG. Shevchenko wrote his works as a serf and so can you!

A former American slave who traveled to Poland put it this way

there was much the same life that I had known and lived among the Negro farmers in Alabama


Wherever money changes hands in Poland, a Jew is always there to take interest from it.

What was going on over there, holocaust survivors? What a bunch of lies we’ve been told.

Here’s an account from 1933, reminds me of Americans of today

The peasant from 50 years ago was a strange mixture of everything. He considered himself a lower and less valuable creature than others. Not only that he himself believed in it, but he also strengthened others in it, deliberately lowering his value in their eyes. He was a slave by blood, tradition, education, and by his own free will. […] The peasant had no tradition other than that of a slave. The older generations passed it over, the younger ones knew about it and soaked it up. […] Considering deeper into this issue, you can not defend the impression that relatively friendly, and often even the peasants’ servile attitude to the Jews was rooted in the teaching of the church and the conduct of some priests and courts.

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