What do I think about humanity? I highly doubt you want me to muse on that. 99% of their language I experience I think “How irrelevant.” And “What a total retard who is absolutely worthless.” It’s no wonder they want people like me to be extinct. Forged in the frosts of the north. How do you like being frozen solid and shattered? It’s fun for me, I can’t imagine it’s too fun for you. Do you like being shards of flesh crunched underfoot? Due to being a euromutt I’m more of a shapeshifter though, I doubt there’s much ethnographic material to study. With another race though, a 3000 year old one, that’s a different story. It’s exceedingly simple to pin them down. See them as objects that follow a particular pattern. The Talmud tells you everything you need to know. They’re used to controlling Slavic peasants, that’s another one of the many reasons they hate America so much, it’s constituted by better stock. They want people to be more similar to their old slaves. Aw, don’t want a fair fight, kike? Americans are already close to Slavic peasants as it is, they must be scared. The reason they were never kicked out of Poland for centuries must be because they kept the serfs stupid. The chams were the body, the Jews were the brain. Chams do the work, Jews develop through leisure. A global slave-state and for what? They’re a bunch of bores themselves, they don’t even have each other. What torture is inflicted in witnessing the imbecility of the chams, and what tedious boilerplate of the Zyds- it is too much to endure, it is a struggle. We need to start over on humanity, hopeless hopeless hopeless people.

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