Eloquent turn of phrase from that former slave who traveled to Europe

Alchemical materialism. They’re gold coins that bend when you bite them. Chopin was Polish so it couldn’t have been all bad there. Apparently they controlled all business in the early 20th century. One of the key ways that they enslaved them was by getting them drunk. They also did this in Africa. Remind you of the opium “business” in China? Similar dynamic with big pharma and hippie potheads in America. I would also characterize social media–screens in general–as an opiate if I had to choose one class of drug. Banned books are like psychedelics. Anyway, I’ve seen a few sources that claim they used liquor to control the peasants of Ukraine as well. If Shahak is right that the serfs of Poland were treated the worst out of any in Europe, and if Choinski is right that most of the nobility that exploited them was Jewish, then I think that’s pretty important to know, don’t you? Not gonna lie, I do feel exploited living in a place where I’m expected to subscribe to self-loathing as a sacred principle. The National Socialists tried to put an end to white slavery, and the slavers won and set up shop in America. Old Poland seems to be similar to the situation in Syria where the Alawites pretend to be Muslims. Dear fellow white people. The Talmud explicitly orders them to be immoral to the goyim. Being an anti-semite means not liking people of a certain ethnicity-religion being immoral to you. Unpersoning someone for bringing up their involvement in the slave-trade of the last century is a form of immorality. Brainwashing you into feeling guilty for the slave-trade of previous centuries that they in fact controlled is a form of immorality. It’s a new form of slavery to an ideology, it’s secular Talmudism.

I mention this fact not merely because it is interesting, but because I am convinced that any one who studies the movements and progress of the Negroes in America will find much that is interesting by way of comparison in the present situation of the Polish people and that of the American Negroes. 

Anyone care to explain?

Any Polish people know some books they think I’d appreciate?

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