They’re mentioned 220 times on the Polish wiki page for “Slavery of the Slavs”, that can’t be good. Read that and then google the same subject in English. Pilpul. Looks like Slavs don’t even get their own page. Here is how one of the first ones I find begins

There must have been an insidious feedback loop throughout history where the Hyksos used their supposed enslavement in Egypt as justification for enslaving goyim. Slavery and exile, how angry it must have made them. “You deserve slavery after that!” Bruh you conquered Egypt and stole their gold. To be fair, due to being a time so many centuries ago, it’s an unsettled matter, we’ll leave it at that.

Keep in mind how dark all this is, and that for reasons of dignity even the Polish side of the story is going to be biased. Do you think they like to hear a former slave from America saying “He’s just like me!”

I try to zoom out for maximum abstraction. Slavery of the Slavs, slavery of the Chinese, slavery of the Africans… slavery of the Americans. Do you think I’m proud to say “He’s just like me!” No, that’s one of the reasons people avoid the subject. I want to be free, so I talk about it. Would I prefer if Italians ruled the world? Yes. Unfortunately they’re Catholics and thus don’t have an engrained belief-system (and thus blood) that orders them to exploit others and see them as animal-souled. There have been plenty of converts throughout history, and the ones who disagreed with the Talmud converted, while the ones who saw no problem with it, well, they tend to have that nose.

Here is Shahak drawing from a book he says is meant for children that’s been popular to have them read since the 14th century

“You’re not supposed to hate us for that!” I learn from him also that it’s been customary to utter a curse when they see a crowd of goyim. That’s just their biology at this point.

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