Here’s that puppet kings of Khazaria post. You can’t expect me to know the history of Poland off the top of my head. There’s a sacred nature to that country for us that has prevented much objective interest in it. It would be fair to say that Poland is equivalent to Hell in our cultural consciousness. Who wants to think too much about Hell? Or call it Heil. -low-fives Hitler’s salute- Wait that’s awkward never mind. We’re supposed to be serious when talking about Hell. How BAD it is. The devil himself was there wasn’t he? They tried to ban that book that involved that peasant Słomka’s perspective on “Hell”. Consider how wealth exploited from those very peasants has very likely funded Holocaustianity itself. Remember how this all works too- most people (neo-peasants) are ignorant about the Talmud. To them, the Jews are those people in the BIBLE who were enslaved. That is why Auschwitz is inversely sacred. The truth is that that evil book the Talmud has taken precedence over the Torah, and calls to enslave us. You gettin the picture yet? So no, they don’t want you to know about what life was like for the “Egyptians” of the Pale, of Warsaw, of Galicia. Because they were doing the same things they’re doing here now. Think they’re all about lighting the menorah? I don’t think so, I think they’re predatory and bloodthirsty in nature and subscribe to a Medieval Middle Eastern ideology in a very secretive way. Here’s what Shahak has to say after talking about enslaving, robbing, and killing the goyim

“They’re not us!” American Jews probably treat us worse than Palestinians. Kill the kikes before they kill us. We’re too civilized, they’re too uncivilized, it’s time to play their game. “That isn’t Christian”. Is it Christian to let barbaric pagans kill you? I’ve seen liberals actually defend this point, saying that if someone broke into their house at least they weren’t such a savage as to own a gun. Pretty much anyone who apologizes for jews is on that plane of weakness. “At least I didn’t criticize those people who’ve exploited illiterate peasants throughout all of history, who have a guidebook that tells them explicitly to do exactly that.” Imbeciles. The ones who moralize to us are the same ones who have a belief-system which is explicitly immoral. They do it to be bad to us. It’s all they know, and it’s all they can do. Another one of their traditions is to pass goy graveyards and curse the dead. Not only do they want you dead, they want you burning in hell too. All because they can’t face what they’ve done in so many countries. They don’t care, that’s who they are, that’s what they’re supposed to do, from their perspective. Be shitty to the goyim and prosper from it. Something tells me they missed the moshiach. And now that’s encoded in their genetics. A people that was not saved. Satan himself. And what would Satan do if not convince us that the ones who stood against Satan in the last century are in fact the real Satan? That’s exactly what he would do. Time to reverse perspectives and see Auschwitz as Heaven. Ask those serfs that were enslaved. Ah right, they were illiterate mostly, perfect. Use em, keep em dumb, when they catch on move to another country with a sob story.

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