The more I learn about how genuinely they believe/d in the precepts taught in the Talmud the less I see this as a caricature

The more I learn about how genuinely they believe/d in the precepts taught in the Talmud the less I see this as a caricature too

This is something I’m having trouble finding

One of the charges against it (them) in that trial in Paris in the 1200s after they were “found out” was that the Talmud wasn’t divinely inspired, i.e. that it was written by mere human beings. It indeed could’ve been a literal Platonic noble lie. Even if you’re secular you can think of divine inspiration in a symbolic way. Was Sh-k-sp–r- divinely inspired? No, he just might as well have been. Was the Talmud? If it led to all this then I’m going to have to say no. I was surprised to see Shahak explicitly repeat that what he calls “classical Judaism” is totalitarian. And although he doesn’t use the word “cladistic” he says that classical Judaism survives today in a modern guise. So an uninspired book rules the world. I think of it in terms of moods- what moods was it written in? It was written while living in Babylon, i.e. not Israel. The hatred against us we experience today began with the hatred of the Persians that ruled over them. A certain hatred is understandable. We Nietzscheans hate nihilists for example. (Consequently we hate Talmudists). In order to preserve your group-identity you do have to hate someone- see Schmitt’s friend/enemy ontology. What do they hate though? Purely anyone who isn’t them, all goyim. The Talmud was written when they weren’t in hegemonic control. Now that they are, the same attitude of death-to-the-goyim remains. Thus with their printed, and largely ill-gotten capital they fund entities to teach us that we should want to die. They’re not the only ones who are walking Talmuds! Let’s put it this way- Nietzscheans want a world of ubermenschen, while Talmudists want a world of slaves who they control. So you tell me which one is more divinely inspired. It ain’t the New Testament if it led to post-/Christians being so vulnerable. And the allergic reaction to the elitism of Nietzscheanism has its own drawbacks. I think one step toward escaping the enslavement by the Talmudists is revealing more and more how they have treated the goyim in previous countries in which they lived. Poland seems like the best model we can use. Were they indeed enslaved “negroes” there? The more I study it the more it does seem to be the case. And understanding their deleterious effects in that country in particular as well as in the other 100 or so will gradually chip away at their shield, what is known as the holocaust. Most people in the Pale and surrounding area had a daughter or niece or nephew who was exploited by one? If that’s true then I’m not sorry that they died. It reminds me of our so-called “1%” here. Oh no, if they died how sad I would be. There were some Westjuden that tried to fix the problems the Ostjuden were causing in the Pale, and I don’t really see any of that today. Oh no, a bunch of hand-rubbing clowns get killed. Or better yet, sent to the farm. Or better yet, forced to do Mike Rowe type dirty jobs. They earned that after their time in Poland, they earned that after their time in Russia, and they earned that after their time here.

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