A study on antisemitism in L.A. Galicia.

I’ll put it a way leftoids might understand. If Trump had been president of Poland before he was president of the US wouldn’t you want to learn what he was like in Poland? -shrilly- “He caused the same divisiveness there!”

I found this book too

Notice how this is odd. Whereas it isn’t odd to see people wondering about the Jewish question in various countries. There’s “something about them” that makes them wonder.

Let’s just go back to square one for a second. If someone decides on genocide then the ones they decided to genocide must have done something really really bad. If those same people who did something really really bad survived, suppose that as a consequence of the attempted genocide, they started to do something really really really bad. Do you concede that is a possibility that could’ve happened? Whatever they did in Eastern Europe to warrant that action against them did not teach them a lesson in the way it did someone like Shahak. It only taught them to “own” who they are even more in the worst possible way, and with impunity. So we’re dealing with people who did something really really bad to cause people to want to genocide them who now use that attempt at genocide as an excuse to be really really really bad. Just what seems overwhelmingly obvious to me anyway. Galician whites weren’t taught to hate themselves for instance, at least to my knowledge, nor were they brainwashed to see it as a moral good to invite all of the mud of the earth to live among them. So yeah I think it’s clear they decided to go from really really bad to really really really bad. And that explains most of the ills of society today. Part of the way they’ve upped the ante to triple-really is through denying the double-really of their previous behavior. In other words, we’re supposed to see what they’re doing to society as good, when in reality it is not only bad, it is exceptionally bad. This is how they’ve distorted perception. Put differently again, if even the milder cases in Germany were looked down upon (for being Talmudists) they’re looked up to here for being even worse people than they were there. See how that can cause some problems? Really bad people being excused and even lauded for the way they are. Unsustainable. Steins were seen as Steins and known for what they are (jewy). Now Steins act like Stains, and are Stanned for being Stains. I’ve expressed the matter multiple ways, I think you understand now.

So how do we learn about the old Stains of yesteryear?

There are a few writers in particular who studied them closely

Then in the Polish intellectual tradition there is Choinski.

Is there a Belarusian, is there a Romanian? I’ve yet to find them, and I’d like to find them.

“What was President Stain like in Poland before being impeached and fleeing to the US?” Get it now?

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