Some more essays on Franko here. I learn there of someone named Khmelnytsky who was a figure reminiscent of Sviatoslav. He is from the 17th century, there might be documents related to him to find to learn more about the pre-Pale. He was reacting against a supposed Polish takeover of Ukraine, and for some reason, 50-100,000 people not of Polish descent were killed. You’d think that if Poland were encroaching, that it would be Polish people who you’d be killing, right? Instead it was a different kind of person that was killed. I’m just learning about this peasant uprising now, just sounds strange at first glance. The question that seems obvious to me is when the Radhanites enslaved the Slavs in the Medieval age uh… did they ever free them? If serfs were enslaved all the way into the 20th century, it might have been uninterrupted from what I know so far. If you read that article on Franko I linked to in my last post, I wonder if you’re starting to get a similar sense that I do of the absurdity of treating antisemitism as an evil after knowing what is taught in the Talmud. It just gets more and more absurd to me every day. Someone hates you and sees you as an animal to exploit, and it’s evil to… hate them… for that…? We’ve been pilpul’d into a stupor it seems to me. Choinski documents neophytes who were “baptized” in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Was the Khmelnytsky Uprising an uprising against Radhanite slavers? “Abused”? Or ruling Poland for centuries? The country where the serfs lived in the worst conditions in all of Europe. According to Shahak they were worse than their conditions in Russia as well. Plantation negroes. I don’t know, I’m still trying to get the historiography right, lots of digging to do. The obvious question is why would those Talmudists free the slaves after the Medieval age? They lose their object of exploitation if they do that. Just speculating here on the evidence I’ve found so far. For most of the time those serfs couldn’t even read, how would they know if the nobility was reading the Talmud or the Bible? Did you read that puppet kings of Khazaria post from last night? When historians study the Trump era will they see his support for Israel as his own true stance on the matter? In other words, to what degree had Polish royalty been the mere misleading “face” of the Radhanites? Like I said yesterday, Poland is Hell and there hasn’t been much objective study of it the last several decades as a result. From Aschheim I heard for the first time of the attempted invasion of the Ostjuden into Germany. Was the “Polish” nobility only trying to expand its territory? It appears it did, looking at how thoroughly zogged Germany is today. Just think of a menorah, good innocent meek Hebrew, don’t think of the demonic Talmud. Michalkiewicz is the living defiant goy of Poland from what I’ve determined so he could probably help us understand this better, and I haven’t found any pdfs of his books yet. If these speculations are accurate then lucky us, we incorporated the ruling-class of the most backward country in Europe.

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