While there are some fables and exaggerations in this, it’s more informative than most pages you’ll find.

Instead of facing the pain they feel when they realize it’s true that they’re cowards they’d rather make excuses for themselves. This is a “scientific opinion”, this is what happens in reality. Then they will read this and make an excuse. Scientific opinion.

“Why do you always have to remind me?”

Remind you of what?

What does it matter anyway, you’re probably just going to continue living in your shelter of silence.

I find that, more often than not, it’s a stark either/or option that results. They can be aware of the, let’s call, “unequivocal refutation of the order”, and then rather than being silent, will instead actively engage in boosting that refuted order. Then there’s another caste that will only subtly refute the order rather than be totally silent. The ones that are aware of the refutation and continue to actively boost it are the most damned ones of them all. Evil is real, this is a type of evil person that believes in the opposite of the good and truth, and there are many many of them. This is a walking Talmud, whether it’s a jew or otherwise. This is without a doubt the majority. This is why democracy fails, because most people are evil to varying degrees. More than you think too. What was it in ancient Greece, those who were male land-owners could vote? I don’t even think that would work. Too much rabble, everywhere, even in the better specimens. The “1%” has the right idea, problem is they’re constituted by mostly evil themselves. It would be better for all of the 100% if only 1% ruled. It could be more than that, it could be that 9% are silent and I’d never know about them. You have to understand that the silent ones are a certain caste, and to be silent is a testament to who you are that speaks volumes. The silent ones who are aware of the Refutation are a specific type of person, and I’m not sure if they deserve a vote, though they deserve one more than the most damned caste that is aware of it and continues to actively boost this order. I mostly speak to this silent caste, which is among the most noble. The hinters, the anons, they’re a step above even that. Why hasn’t the FBI knocked on my door? I have my theories on that. If you want to talk about “absolute truth” which people with my particular enthusiasm like to do, then anything humans believe is up for question. If you want to save the world then law is going to be suspended. The evils are entrenched in the law. Thoughtcrimes are one thing, actual crimes are another. And I’m giving people ideas for a movie, that’s all. How will a Cohen lawyer twist the law to imprison me for that? Honestly, I just care about the truth regardless of consequences. We live in an evil world and I just say what’s on my mind about it. There’s no legal means of restoring the good. There are artistic means that could lead to that. Once bitcoin is further popularized, what’s stopping people from crowdfunding media that directly criticizes the system through 100% anonymous contributors? This is how to instigate a revolution in our time. The demos needs to be convinced, and they will only be convinced through media, not rational argument. Where are the “starving artists” of today, what happened to those? Theoretically we wouldn’t even need it, it’s all the cowards who make excuses, who want to find a moderate way with the system. Alright, if everyone’s going to be a pussy then I guess we do need bitcoin. Keep making excuses for yourselves. Annnnd cue the excuses. You live in an evil world and you do nothing about it. You’re either silent or you’re even worse than silent and you actively boost the evil. You think you deserve a say in anything you subhuman? Evil people dying is nothing. Not only the elites, those who willingly helped the elites should be snuffed out without hesitation. FBI, is that you? Are you working with the powers that be too? It’s not too late to redeem yourself. Or is it? Are you one of the ones who can only make excuses for themselves too? Subhumans whose lives don’t matter whatsoever. Despotism isn’t a novelty, we’ve been living in one of those throughout most times in history, so people have evolved a perfect mechanism of rationalization which allows them to create excuses regardless of what they read. So go on and read this and rationalize, and demonstrate which caste you are (I’m guessing it’s one that is shameful).

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