Self-awareness noises

Surprised these aren’t in heeb on heebwiki

Erbaugh’s article is easy to find

Parody you say?

Detecting zero self-awareness on the heebnet so far. This is possibly one of the highest sciences–if it existed. No exaggeration. “My bread and circuses are the highest sciences.” Shut up retard. Elitology as the Russians call it. It’s Spirit gaining consciousness of itself.

Hakkas’ migrations are a lot more simplistic, I wonder which group will outsmart the other?

No single map could even begin to picture the “migrations” of the Zyds. Maybe a gif. Better a video (that to my knowledge does not yet exist).

Who makes the world turn, so to speak? And what makes their internal world turn, that is the question. I doubt they even know themselves. Shahak says that rabbis have had an aversion to learning history “for some reason”.

No other Han subgroup approaches the Hakka combination of diaspora, stigma, pride and silent solidarity against outsiders… Why are Hakkas so obscure? Revealing the concentration of Hakka leaders would certainly fuel charges of nepotism. But other, more neutral trends mask Hakka importance: Han unity, bad fit with official historical categories, and the stigma of rootlessness. This stigmatized subculture of migration and self-reliance produced many precedents for reforms which the communists later promoted nationwide as modern and revolutionary.

I wonder what percent of the Chinese feel at home in a place where a particular minority universalized their particular worldview. The Hakka (3.7%) probably feel at home at least.

When a Zyd does an ethnographic study on the Hakka and Ostjuden

It will turn out a lot different than if a third party did it. I haven’t seen either Hodos or Shahak touch the 109. Too much pain? According to the latter Zyd, it’s traditional Talmudism to, say if a goy is at the bottom of a cliff, to pull the ladder up. So what do they honestly expect? The more you study them the more cartoonishly villainous and truly Satanic they are. Killing non-jews indirectly is called for as a moral good. The Han are lucky to have those Hakka!

there is no such a thing as law for these servants of evil except their own laws, and to lie, cheat and not to perform on agreements is something utterly legal to them!

Again, I suggest that Aschheim book, the one that gave me laser eye surgery- I see them in a new, uglier light now

How else to explain the state religion than through the fact that being immoral to us is enshrined as a moral good to them? Defending kikes only means you’re negro-caste. Hello my negro! -psscht- Further ghettoization of white niggers in progress, over -psscht- Pull the ladder up of their self-development so they can never get as cunning as you.

Wow, never thought of this, this might help us understand them even more than Hakka do

Why don’t the Gypsies get an Israel??

People really underestimate the Gypsies.

I’m trollin, their average IQ is 70.

I doubt they had this peculiar dynamic

The stereotypical Hakka man stays inside the house all day reading and studying while the woman tends the fields. If that doesn’t contribute towards self-selecting for brains, then I don’t know what does!

Zyds kept their yentas uneducated until historically recently

Many women did not have a grasp of the Hebrew language in speech, let alone in reading and writing.

Free piggyback rides for the greenheads anyone?

Explains why so many yentas are reminiscent of the initial gif.

Just trying to understand the world!

What do you mean white men got free piggyback rides too? Well, that’s the idea of feminism, right? Give me more, I want more. My self-understanding is that I’m being selfless when I say that most of them would probably be happier as illiterate tardwives. The last 2/3 of their lives they’re going to be dead inside with the current model. Something suspiciously “wandering merchant” about the modern woman. The lesson will probably be learned all too gradually. Honest shows about spinsters will emerge. Where we are now that fate is suppressed by the living spinsters themselves, they’re probably too ashamed. Just like the Zyds, it’s too painful, and it prevents them from growing as a people.

Random synchronicity

Non-Chinese sometimes wonder whether the Hakkas are a national minority (shaoshu minzu), but this, implying that they fall outside the glories of Han civilization, outrages them.


I woke up today and thought I wasn’t going to be andysemitic and when I read the above I wonder why I’d ever want to do that. This is a pressing issue.

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