I wonder to myself, “Who should I ask about both Hyksos and Hakkas?” Well, the Kazakhs are between Europe and China. Nope, no results from them. The Iranians are between them. People are seriously sleeping on this subject. Wouldn’t diplomats around the world want to learn the Hakka dialect? The fact that there isn’t a study in every language on this subject, pah. Both groups probably prefer it that way. They want to control, they don’t want people understanding them better than they understand themselves. Not much to find from the Persians, I ask the Brahmins. Nope. It’s too “futuristic” a subject. Googling Mandarin, there are results. Nothing cold yet.

Remember this emoji they like to use in forums?

Nothing like that yet. Could Chinese academics even get away with a critical interpretation of the Hakka?

You can’t tell me that this isn’t at least partly their fault

You can stay for a few days or a few months, but if you stay longer, the people in the village will organize to drive you away; if you don’t leave, they will use violence… It is also for this reason that Hakka people not only generally live on high mountains, but also build bunker-like earth buildings for defense. 

Imagine if in the 2100s there is a revolt and 90% of Hakka are driven out of China.

This is essential for understanding why the Chinese–1/5 people in the world–live in a Marxist state

Also tells you something about Marx and why he thought the way he did. Why were the “Chinese” so receptive to the work of a Jew? They were a very particular type of Chinese.

Looks like there’s someone known as the chief expert of the Hakka named 周建新

First two pages are “Forbidden” whatever that means. Third one here.

Here we go

early Hakka research paradigm with “beautification and ugliness” intertwined and opposed was formed.

Speaking of beautification, I saw this from Erbaugh and thought of the Jews

So Hakka studies began in 1815 – what materials are extant (weren’t burned)?

The princelings’ continuing control of China makes me wonder how objective these studies will be. I’m surprised to find them at all. Well for example, there are plenty of Jewish Studies programs in the US, and… needless to say, I don’t waste my time reading that boilerplate.

Heh our Hakkas are leading me to study their Hakkas because it seems like the latter will be our Hakkas pretty soon because of the former.

I’m seeing lots of names in that last-linked-to page, might I find a Hakka scholar on the 109?

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