Erbaugh expresses the significance of this succinctly

The Hakka are only one of hundreds of subgroups which won the revolution

There’s probably a “Galicia” to find if you really want to get into this. There are a bunch of youtube videos on the Hakka if that’s more your cup of tea. Aren’t we lucky, we don’t have to find intelligent life on another planet with many parallels to our own Hakka. It started as a derogatory expression- hak-KA! “You’re an alien here.” Why do aliens control the two world superpowers. Reminds me of something weird I saw from Shahak – “as is well known” he says – right

Wut why? Christian.. slave.. governors?

Anyway, Khazaria, Poland, the US- something reminiscent. Alawites. What’s going on with all this? Seems a people would be happier with their own governing them. Then again I think a Dane would probably do a better job running Equatorial Guinea instead of that cannibal president. So, it’s technically up in the air, this matter. Talmudists running anything besides Israel? Kind of speaks for itself if you know what’s in the Talmud.

Reminds me of something funny (disturbing) I linked to last night

Anyway, from December

Wish I could instantly upload these into my brain

I wonder {{{who}}} wrote them.

I wonder if they purged another ethnogroup over the recent decades that was similar to them that we’ve never heard of.

They specifically send Hakka over here to spy on us, I’ve seen it alleged.

The lesson that’s crystallizing as I contemplate these two similar subspecies is that outwardly they give one the impression that they are for the good of all, while the reality seems to be that it’s really only good for nomads like them.

Existentially considered, it seems it was “shocks” that formed them. Being in a new place, having to adjust, being disoriented, having to learn to think quick on their feet, learning new ethoses like languages. Earlier looking for stereotypes about gypsies, once of them was “chameleons”. Having to adjust outwardly while maintaining the unchanged identity- “living fossils” they call the Hakka. I’m sure the Alawites manage to effectively trick many Syrians into believing they’re Muslims. Talmudists with white appearances.

Reminds me of this cover from my youth for some reason

It feels like I’m big game hunting while everyone else is aiming slingshots at chipmunks. Alright, if that’s what you like to do.

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