Gypsies, now I’m wondering about those Gypsies. They speak Romani? That isn’t on google translate. Do they talk shit about those other ones like them? There must be a reason they were genocided at the same time.

I know there are people out there who’d never admit it that find this funny and at least partially live in the pre-1940s.

One Italian I asked about Mussolini said “What’re you kiddin me, we sided with them because they woulda killed us too.”

That attitude is foreign to me, I don’t understand the levelers at all. If I knew what I knew now and I one morning awoke as an Irishman for instance, the blood feud between me and the British would dissolve instantly, because where we’re headed is going to be worse than anytime the Brits enslaved the Irish. While I always, always hate to be crude- at least the Irish are white. At least they’re European. Once you’re half jungle-person there’s no hope for you anymore. Most whites already don’t have it in them to challenge “international capital”. You’re done for if their plans go through. Probably back to something reminiscent of Poland only worse. We had the good Scottish-German Trump to challenge them, and pretty soon it will be them and the gooks both against us. Which one are you going to side with? Or would you rather side with a Scottish German? I’ll take the Scottish German, the one who knows what civilization is. Both Chinese and Jews have extremely fragile egos, that’s why they’re such totalitarians, they can’t deal with criticism. One has a country of unthinking morons (to be candid) and the other doesn’t even have a country due to all their vice for thousands of years. “Israel’s a country.” A country doesn’t need Lobbies to guilt-trip people into charity in every European country. They’re not a country, they’re a cursed race, much like the Gypsies. A blight. A speck of dirt in God’s eye. Both these disgusting creatures, these chinks and kikes, that’s who you’ll be choosing between when you’re a jungle mutt. Do you look forward to the future? You’ll pretty much be as hopeless as them at that point, except they’ll be ruling over you, that’s the difference. That’s what all these levelers ultimately want, not ~equality~. They’re on the trajectory to be even more of a thoughtless slave than they already are. If you can see a picture of Hitler and smirk now, you won’t be doing that in the future. You will have neither the instinct to disagree, nor the brains to implement it. We’re already halfway there now and the levelers want to take it to the point of no return, mostly because they’ve been pilpul’d to think the Jews actually want to help them rather than enslave them to their own cause of world domination with you in the same subordinate state you are now only worse. These are the facts. “I’m a bioleninist, I can’t change!” You sure? They’re the people of slavery, just study Poland, and the Germans were the people of consciousness unleashed. They were the ones trying to put an end to their totalitarianism which kills all thinking, which it has since the medieval times, and probably before that too. Anyway, the Gypsies, what is their perspective on their time in Europe? Why were they seen as similarly cursed? Quick, Zyds, pull the ladder up from this post, as you’ve done every time in the last thousands of times, you dishonest kikes.

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