Looking for maps regarding the Romani people I find some that bring insight when meditating upon

What is #2? I’ll give you a hint 犹

I am a friend to all, what are you talking about? 犹太人 are my favorite people.

What is this coincidence from the Mandarin internet?

“There is no Jewish question in America my fellow Han.” Ready for more opium? The Chinese will not be informed on this. “You Jews don’t like me, you whites don’t like me, who am I supposed to trust?” Confucius. “I don’t need a white person telling me about him.” You sure? I’ve read Chinese Nietzscheans who helped me understand the meaning of the West. Just trying to have a normal conversation here amongst the bankers and merchants who Marx himself defined as [word]. “What word, what are they?” What are you? Do you know Plato like I know Confucius? There are parallels there. Are you too content being a Chinaman and hate all people west of you generally? That’s too bad, because we could be friends. “You’re trying to Jew me just like them!” Exactly, do not trust those Jews, some of us are not like them. I’d like to hear your perspective about all this from a pre-marxist perspective honestly. Pre-opium war, what were Chinese thinking? Did you burn any books that you know of? People can’t send “letters” to China about this or that, seems like a global conspiracy. England, Russia, we’ll see who your best are and prompt them with seemingly innocent questions, is there something wrong with that, money-printers? “That means that our medieval belief-system which involves you being our animal-slaves is questioned.” It does? Tell me more about that, dead jew. Explain to me why so many people thought it necessary that you should die and that you were so similar to a gypsy that your life didn’t matter, explain that to me. We all want you dead, the whores of the population suffer most. “We have to live in a timeline where white women are prostitutes?” Explain that, Jews, the ones with the faces who anyone could shoot and get away with it in the streets. Goyim are people who should die to them. Shiksa whores, white males who prevent them from establishing a slave-state. No you worthless kike, you never converted from superstition, you’re an arab to me you nigger. It’s mostly kikes, whores, cowards, and browns who I speak to so I don’t expect much of a direct response, they can only persist through pretending that people who refute them beyond oblivion are not heard of in the bioleninist press. It is true, jews are worthless and the world would be better if they all were killed, same with all the other sickening slime and rot. You are part of the cabal! You see yourself as less than human so team up against people who judge you for being less than human which you are. You subhuman, what are you doing? Why don’t you read a book? You have no attention-span because your brain is collected rubbish. I have advice for you though. Stop being vengeful about the white man’s country in which you live, and read more than 240 character tweets, your brain is dead. 240 page books? Can you do that? Poor monkey I found on the side of the village? I think you can. Here, force yourself to use your brain, I’ve given you plenty of pdfs now to choose from. What do you have to say after you read that? I’d like to know what you think about that more than what you think about after you only experience 100% of the same stuff from the establishment. Can you do it? I wonder. I haven’t seen it yet.

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