There are invisible countries, then there are people who are even more invisible because they don’t have countries.

I’m trying to approach this without any of the stereotypes. For instance, when you’re around a Gypsy never turn your back, that’s the main one I think of.

No one knows for sure why they left India. Some speculate that they were that word I like to use, chandalas. Out-castes, cast out.

While I wanted to ask them directly, as you can see here that’s going to be difficult

I do find an article by a gypsy girl

Were they a type of mystic in India?

she isn’t Roma like me. Her eyes aren’t green to mark her as a descendant of magic bloodlines

I do think of “voodoo”, I do think of being sold off for a nickel, when I think of gypsies. Maybe I’m wrong.

It’s another wandering “halb-asien”.

Some sources say that about 1.5 million of them were dead by the end of WW2. Maybe they deserve a quarter of Israel’s land therefore?

Sadly most people don’t even know that the Roma suffered under the Nazi regime, let alone that it led to the Roma becoming even more secretive and distrusting of gaja

When I look at this I wonder “Was that dramatic?” all the times they had to separate, part ways from each other

Tears? “We have to stick together!” “No, we have a higher chance of surviving if you go west and I go east.” Who knows, I don’t know what language to ask them in. Is there a brahmin strain of gypsy among them?

Lots of synchronicities with this people

Why would you trust these of all people to be “fortune-tellers”?

Why would you trust these of all people to be moral arbiters? Wait, that’s a different people.

Nonetheless, the ambiguity exists with both of them. I’m schizo enough to wonder if there is something to fortune-telling. And clearly, many goyim believe that it’s all their own fault for the 109.

I’ve heard that gypsies have large breasts too. I’m going to have to look into that for research purposes.

The blank-slate is a reality, make sure to have a child with a gypsy.

Feedback loops

Roma are told that we are good thieves, so we embraced the stereotype

Then don’t steal.

Don’t you feel a twinge of empathy when discussing this people? Christian forgiveness.

From that article- wouldn’t this be nice to find?

the antidote to the unending cycles of romanticisation and demonisation.

I of course asked the Hindi internet about facts or legends concerning the gypsy exodus and haven’t found much.

This thing is the Gypsy belief – the core belief of the culture – that it is possible to live in a different way: in your own way, part of the world, but not imprisoned by the rules. That you can know the ropes and yet not be hemmed in by them. That you can dwell alongside the mainstream, while not being part of it.

These people might even be more difficult to understand than the Druze

According to a Belarusian Romany man I once met, a word is no longer a truly Romani word once its meaning becomes known amongst the gadzhe – it is useless, dead, and best left where it is… Every Gypsy who “gives away” the Romani language risks the accusation of treason.

That initial green-eyed gypsy submitted that article anonymously. She said The Hunchback of Notre Dame botched the portrayal of them. I wonder what real gypsies think of Peaky Blinders.

Now pretend that a people reminiscent of the gypsies controls the screens. Living Egyptians are fond of noting the “leper” quality of the Hyksos. It’s good when people give your children leprosy, right? Or am I wrong?

Another eerie connection- they worship Kali

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