There are lots of gypsies in Turkey so I’m asking them about them

This is kind of creepy

A gypsy turned to passersby and asked for alms. If you can’t pass quietly, you need to politely decline and speed up the step. Sometimes a Romani begins following his potential “victims” and compliments them. You don’t need to turn around and look into their eyes! 

Now I’m paranoid that one is going to put a curse on me.

Some evidence leads one to speculate that they were entertainers in India.

Anuddah similarity

The Turks refer to them as Coptics, Egyptians, which is another odd coincidence.

On to the Romanian [sic] internet

I’m almost certain that almost everyone who reacts in this way has no idea about the Talmud. They only know the exoteric “pleasant” presentation of this type of human being.

studies of Romanian mythology mention traditions according to which the gypsies are Egyptians, descendants of Pharaoh’s army

Do you sense the rangordnung when I speak of the gypsies? I.e. “Who cares, they’re the gypsies!” Which people would you say is most important to talk about? Gotcha there. Thus, you’re not allowed to talk about the people it is most important to talk about.

Who else is so similar to them though??

This is debatable

You better watch out for some of those ones you exile to the desert.

Occult connection between exile and sorcery?

I bet a gypsy could give us a shrewd psychological picture of the jew. I looked for translation tek, haven’t found.

I was thinking that the Hakka were the most similar people to them in the world, nope. I always think that I’ve found all of them 👁️

It appears that nomads have similar features beyond the fact that they travel from place to place.

And let’s just say, the fewer nomads who live on my street, the more trusting I’ll be.

What is the gypsies’ “109”?

Hakka = Asien, Gypsy = 3/4-Asien, Jew = halb-Asien

Poor, poor, rich.

жид vs. Єврей, Gypsy vs. Romani. Whereas “Hakka” originated as a slur.

From a Polish page on the halbs and 3/4 ones

Even then, the majority, considering being a Gypsy as a special kind of curse, saw in changing their name a way to alleviate their suffering.

He says “both have always been with” them.

The clear difference between the жиди and 客家 on the one hand and the Gypsies on the other is that the former two are wandering aliens with an exceeding amount of power who have millions of more deaths that they were responsible for.

Is there a Romani internet to find? I should really start referring to them as that to avoid curses. What’s a Romani word for “Romani”?

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