Is it just me or is the Gypsy something of a laughingstock? I can almost detect that even the kindest progs smile when they hear the word “Gypsy”. Bueller? Why would an impoverished criminal be so funny? I’ve never met one personally so I’m not going to judge. I’m only noting that there’s something “accepted” about it as a slur. I think you can finally understand something about the word жид I keep using. Not the same, just similar. Filthy жид! If you go on google translate and hit audio, it even sounds like a slur when you listen to it in light of the accepted term, єврей. And жид was just like saying “Dutch” or something like that. It was just a normal way to refer to a group of people and it gradually collected that connotation. Now that we’ve seen some accounts from Ukrainian and Polish peasants from the early 20th century, we can understand that word even better. “Why did the gentlemen let them eat us?” I keep thinking about that one. Both the formal nobility and the financial nobility considered themselves a separate race from the chams. Had no idea that was all going on right next door to my favorite country, I can imagine what Adolf thought of the situation. Middle Eastern merchants enslaving white people, and beginning to invade Germany. Cue the goose-steps.

I was looking for studies on the particular type of people in question and saw one on another Asien, the Mongols, titled Nomads as Agents of Cultural Change which mentions their impact on “sedentary” cultures and I think that’s an enlightening way to describe goyim countries. We have our ways, and we like our ways, and nomads have their ways, and they like their ways too, and their way happens to be bringing their culture to sedentary cultures. And… here we are in the modern world of cosmopolitanism and open-borderism. That’s what globalism is, nomadism. Materialistic nomadism not to mention. There’s also another dimension to it that dawned on me when learning about the Romani. That is, someone said that the amount of Romani a country has is the perfect test to see how tolerant it is. 10,000 or so were expelled from France only a decade ago. And a similar principle applies to the жиди in America. We’re an extremely tolerant place, that’s why they’re here. And жиди are arguably 1000x worse than GYPSIES. They’re gypping us. Or uh you could use a different word–well, in fact, that would only be to use their own name to describe what they do. Rhymes with coup. Asien Mongols invaded. I remember when I first started reading around PC NRx (redundant)- they all focused on Muslim immigration to Europe, calling that an invasion. No, there’s another type of Asien invasion that’s coordinating that Muslim invasion. At that time I never would’ve expected to find so many similarities with those Muslims that were painted as the main evil. No, they’re not, too weak, like the Romani. As many faults as they have, they don’t wield the power that the other ones with faults do, the other Asien-alien criminal nomad. So, back to this idea of living in a materialistic order of the nomads, which divinizes the increase of “tolerance”. Tolerance is a misleading word. Think of it like this. Tolerance of Gypsies. No, I’m not going to tolerate people who gyp me. Judenschwindle. That’s what it is- you’re being gypped out of living happily. Why don’t you deliberately live among Gypsies? Have that thought at all that you don’t want to turn your back when they’re around? So how about those Cartels down south that chop people’s hands, feet, and head off, in that order? Criminal nomads who want to invite other criminals to be nomads and move to where you are. That’s the true meaning of “tolerance”. Getting gypped by Gypsies and being happy about it. Liberals aren’t even so bad because they’re so naive, you can’t really blame them. You can’t even blame those Gypsies with the parrot beaks–because they’re Gypsies, they can’t help it, they’re a cursed race. The problem, like I said recently, is the whites who know we’re getting gypped and run cover for the gyppers. Do you have a major malfunction? It does seem to be the case that you do. You yourself are cursed, you’ve contracted the leprosy. You leper, you are disgusting.

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