Bound to find some gems in these

The connection between nomadism and criminality has been investigated both in Europe (Mayall 1988; Lucassen 1997; Lucassen and Willems 2003; Bardi 2006; Nord 2008) and in India (Radhakrishna 2001, 2009; Piliavsky 2015).

I noticed that eGYPt. Maybe that was their cover-story for a while. I only ever lived there. Instead of saying I was in India, Persia, and the Levant, THEN Egypt, THEN I arrived in Europe. Directly from Egypt, no stops. We’re talking about the Gypsies here.

Look, an Esther parallel too

Kali is more an icon in our time than Mary, I’m sure that’s going to turn out well.

Good job Anglos, gypsy shtetl it is, a wise choice. Why yes I do live in the past, why do you ask? There was a better time, you can tell by the writings from then. If everyone decided to emulate them at once society would immediately improve. I feel the way Bataille described Sade–waste–read only to be shat out. People like Sade these days are saints. The turds with eyeballs phenomenon I’ve noted. It all needs to be driven to the town dump. There’s this paradox we’re in now that we can’t escape where the usual suspects of all varieties are told what they’re doing, and the fact of being accused, only makes them more frenetic in their behavior. That’s the phase of the “Kali Yuga” that we’re in of tolerance. Tell them they can’t be tolerated, and they’ll decide to be even more intolerable as a result. That’s going to catch up to this society. This time of prosperity is ticking away, it is finite. They’re going to be left with they created, and the people who haven’t even been born yet are going to have to endure the direst consequences that they weren’t even responsible for. Continuation of Self through time intergenerationally. This is a question of failed time-preference. People who couldn’t even farm animals because they could only think one day into the future at a time are the same kind of people who live in the west today who can’t think one generation into the future. Climate change, how about culture change? You want to travel around with the filthy gypsies and jewish vermin? You might be in luck.

Nomadism and criminality, another in vain collection of studies that will never turn this herd of lemmings around before they’re running on air off the side of a cliff and begin to fall to the rocks. There must be a way to install a ramp that directs part of the herd around to run in the opposite direction. You do what you can do, I don’t see many signs that such a ramp is seen as anything besides evil in our time. Running cover for the vermin who are purposefully willing your demise. Gypped into being a gypsy yourself. The picture that the sell-outs use as a face in the digital world should have a yellow star on it. Mr. Hankey. When I imagine what their lifeworlds must be like, they’re only able to look directly in front of them, their eyes can’t shift at all, neck can’t turn. As neech said, the age of the “modesty” of consciousness is upon us. No more free thoughts, it’ll all be based on formula. Burned out light bulbs inside of skulls. And they will be easier to be used in that state. People will be living the good life and it won’t be you. People like the Loebs and the Schiffs, they’ll hear stories about how their grandparents preemptively prevented peasant revolts. And they’ll relax back thinking about their cash in their place of luxury while you toil away for them without a mind to speak of. Huh, kinda like now already.

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