I love to see adult versions of “emo kids” smile. Be happy, why aren’t you happy? You want to go to an amusement park huh, will that make you happy? Alright we’re going, let’s go. What’s that, childish entertainments aren’t enough? Look how nice the weather is, even that should be enough, theoretically. Aren’t you around someone you like? Seems like people would be happy if they were around someone they liked. And even happy if they were out doing something “amusing”. I swear I’m just stuck in “Why is the sky blue” seven year old mode. And I don’t regret it. There’s not people to be respected in the world and that makes us unhappy. Maybe you’re not one of those lemmings I spoke of, many people are very obscure. How could I personally be happy? That’s a convoluted subject, you can pretend to be a therapist if you want. As I’ve said many times, the good, the beautiful, and the true are all connected, and can only be distinguished all all through language distortions, because at a less human level of reality they’re all the same thing. I’d be happy if people told the truth, because that would mean they were being good, and being good makes people beautiful. All that isn’t allowed right now. Thus I’m an emo kid myself. I can’t be happy if I’m not around people like that. Lies equal badness, badness equals ugliness, how do you expect me to be happy? Some people call it “Hellworld” and I don’t think they’re too far off the mark. People who tell the truth are beautiful to me, and as a result of that there is much ugliness I perceive in the world. That’s just something I’ve had to experience for years now, and when I wonder why I’m not happy that’s the main reason I think of. No truth, no goodness, no beauty. I mean, I can be moderately content. Definitely not happy. And this is the implication of the rules that are enforced. Can I see beauty in the world twice a year maybe? Heh how about have some gruel instead and be quiet. If the people who were orchestrating this died–whoa, there’s something that would make me happy. “I do tell the truth, what do you mean? Just because Jack and the corporacracy approve of it means you see me as just another one of the people who make you lose hope in humanity?” Pretty much. How are you different from the ugly unwashed? Know what I really find to be an instance of beauty? It’s someone who submits to people telling them what to do while providing no reasoning for doing so, only punishment. Yeah, knowing someone like you makes a person really happy. Let’s go to the amusement park. Watch me not show up. They just want all people to be googly-eyed hunchbacks. Yeah, being around them makes me really happy. Makes everyone happy.

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