“Why is the sky blue” questions

What do you mean that matter exists?

What are human beings exactly, are they different from matter?

What explains the fact that you’re reading this at all? Why do you exist? Why does internet exist, why does “consciousness” exist?

What is a “political reality”? Why are there some things you can’t say? Why is the sky blue? There must be scientific reasons to explain it.

Why isn’t the world One? Where are there so many different kinds of people?

Why does the one who invented the money-printing press decide what everyone else should believe?

What is the nature of God?

Is God closer to the color of sky or cash?

If you are an animal what can you do to escape?

Admit to yourself verbally, “I am not quite a human being.”

That’s the beginning.

Why is the sky blue? Why do people talk at all? What is it about people that makes them different from animals? People are a thing, different kinds of people is another kind of thing. Can’t speak of those ones who only used exploited wealth to pose as the moral ones. How many countries now you dead jews? You will never say, and that only makes me conclude that you are even more worthy of death.

We are having a fun time here however so we pretend that if people of Jewish descent died the world wouldn’t be a better place.

Why is the sky blue?

Why do Jews need to be kept alive?

“Because they have to be, they’re an international crime network.”

So, you can’t write on their platforms because they force you to be part of their operation.

We’ve thought of new things since Babylonian times. They are still living there with their sacred text which they tried to make sure none of us knew about. And the chances are, they’ve used their capital-fixation to convince the goyim that they are right to listen to them. Why is the sky blue? Why do Jews have to ban people? We live in an inherently gypsy-like system, total laughingstocks who should just be shot telling us what to do.

“We can’t shoot them.” Why is that? “They control the military too.” Thus we should try to give the military some advice. “What are you gonna say, I got the weapons.” Do you? You better listen now or you’re going to be shot. I won’t, it will be the ones who control the military. “You’re saying that with the control of the military you’d do the right thing?” No shit, some of my best friends in high school went into the military, they were the best of the best, and I know what happened to them. “What?” You’re the military, shouldn’t you have an answer? I tell you what to do and you can’t even say “Yeah, he’s probably right.” The ideal option is to use military might again international capital. “We’re military might that is part of international capital” – are you? “WE’RE SELL-OUTS.” Yeah, I know, you didn’t have to be SO LOUD ABOUT WHAT KIND OF SELL-OUT YOU ARE YOU PIECE OF SHIT.

What a worthless human being.

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