The fuck outta here


I actually had a dream I hugged a Jewess. It’s not their fault they’re born that way (wanting the worst for their host society). I also dreamt of the supernatural, which is too rare. I always forget the terror of that kind of experience. Who knows how to explain it. Lovecraft was a theologian. I get the Christ-thing. I’m sure a Chinaman looking at our culture wouldn’t understand at all. If someone acts like a Gypsy over and over they need to go to prison at the least.

I think of the time I was at the town fair with my brother as kids and one of the dirty-lookin carnies smoothtalked him out of his only $20 to play a game that it was obvious someone his age couldn’t win. You only exist to be used. The world was made for them, it wasn’t made for you.

Anyway, say what now

You simply need the military in your control, and… Simply simply. Since I don’t have that, I go with constructing a genealogical atom bomb. You can join the project or keep being a gossipgirl, up to you. OH MY GOD the latest current event O.M.G. I bet you secretly have a grandmother who was a gypsy. What else can explain all these subhumans?

Cheder = Talmud-Torah elementary school

You don’t say?

So many books from so many countries need to be scanned and put on the internet. The evolution of humanity will occur through that. Also ban all websites besides Z-library for ten years until we figure out what’s going on.

The more I see the term “Halb-Asien” used the more I get the sinister sense that we’re living in a political order that is the result of a “Muslim conquest” of sorts. Call it what you want, it’s a primitive Middle Eastern religion.

While Hodos and Shamir converted to Christianity, Franzos converted to German high culture.

Must be nice to see Zids and only think of yarmulkes. Might as well be whistling happily on a plantation.

A bunch of Franzos’ books are here by the way.

Huh, I learn from this seminar description that Pojaz is a recasting of Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship.

Found out

“I’m not the Talmud, I’m the Torah–what the heck’s a Talmud?”

I relate to Jünger’s studying of entomology when I study them.

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