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The capital of Galicia was Lemberg, now known as Lviv. That’s where Sacher-Masoch was from, the most well-known writer from there. Out of all people, it had to be him! He describes the place as chaotically multiethnic. The origins of globalism we’re trying to understand here. Being “rabidly” philosemitic (to use a canard), he’s the one we’ll get the other side of the story from. Franzos and Franko have one way of looking at it, Sacher-MASOCH has another way of looking at it. And I still haven’t found literary or ethnographic material from the Minsk/Grodno regions – about a million жиди used to live in Belarus.

Wikipedia does inadvertently tell on them sometimes

In 1792 the Jewish population of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was estimated at 250,000 (as compared with 120,000 in 1569). The whole of the commerce and industries of the country, now rapidly declining, was in the hands of the Jews. The nobility lived for the most part on their estates and farms, some of which were managed by Jewish leaseholders. The city properties were concentrated in the possession of monasteries, churches, and the lesser nobility. The Christian merchants were poor. Such was the condition of affairs in Belarus at the time of the second partition of Poland (1793)

Whereas the wiki page for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania only mentions jews once as an aside. Hmm… “Now rapidly declining” – did you catch that part of the above? That theme I see frequently. wHy ArE yOu So ObSeSsEd WiTh ThEm?? A secretive group of nomads that are international criminals? Who live in my country and use it as a satellite state to parasitize off to recreate a country they don’t even deserve?

I wonder why Queen Catherine wanted to keep them out of Russia? “Starting” to piece together the history now. “The Pale fell randomly out of the sky! Devil goyim!”

Looks like I’m going to have to get acquainted with some Lithuanians

You might not like the answer to that. It might have something to do with “plantation negroes” who are easier to manipulate and exploit.

They should have just put an end to them in 1240s Paris when the Talmud was found out. All of Europe should’ve been made aware that anyone who holds this book as sacred should not be allowed in your country – oh wait, Eastern Europe is the place where most people were illiterate. ~Nazism~ was anti-Talmudism, simple as. And even the integrated German ones remained walking Talmuds, so you had that problem. Abused! (Never gets old, at least to me). Dreidels, yarmulkes, don’t think of any of this, serf.

Unrelated wink wink an article on “Lithuanian” banking – doesn’t translate that great

Why did the Polish gentlemen let the Zyds eat the chams? Were they debt-slaves to usurers?

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