While I’m far from a socialist, I expect some Marxists might tune in when I talk about certain subjects, because I’m essentially talking about ways in which capitalism is unethical. And more directly put, I’m talking about the side of capitalism the capitalists don’t let you talk about. There’s plenty of goyim near the top too, everyone talks about them though. And based on the cultural ethos the Zyds must have them in a chokehold. That’s a Q.E.D. for the denialists. Let’s think of loans in a personal way for instance. If you lend your friend a $100 and tell them you want $110 back to you for the trouble, obviously you’re going to be mad if they don’t give you the $110 in a timely fashion. We’re talking about a cunningly intelligent people taking advantage of stupid peasants. When you lend your friend that $100 you probably don’t have in mind the expectation that he’s going to be your debt-slave for years, possibly all his life. You’re doing it to be a friend. Remember that Galician mayor Słomka? I can’t find many of the goyim sides of the story because so many were illiterate so take this for what it is- he said that the жиди persuaded the poor that they were the best friends they ever had, and before they knew it, the жиди owned their farms and they were serfs until the day they died. That doesn’t sound like something a Christian would do deliberately. A Talmudist? The Talmud tells them to do just that.

So maybe my obsession is a bit autistic, or maybe I’m just concerned with ethical capitalism. Which is why I like to find this kind of essay

There’s an ideological side to this too, it’s not just purely economical. The former I explain here. This is what “the political” is all about these days, everything revolves around this creditor-debtor relation, and THEY are the creditor. Predator-debtor sounds more appropriate. As you might have concluded from all these investigations from Persia to the Pale, it’s not clear that they were the ones uniquely wronged in “the” war. In other words, the debt we owe them is questionable. And this notion can be applied to usury itself. The debt just keeps growing sometimes that the original amount lent is so minuscule next to what is ultimately paid. Yeah WW2 was sad, no doubt about it, it was sad that so many goyim died too. Holocaustianity is a form of usury. You owe a far greater debt than is fair and just. It might as well be a loan at a 6,000,000% interest-rate, because the debt is seemingly infinite. And that is only the psychological debt (if I ever had a son who was brainwashed by them into breeding with a sheboon, what’s that worth?), there is also the national debt which is at around 27 trillion now, 7 trillion of which alone we spent in the Middle East FOR THEM, meanwhile Israel’s national debt is 337 billion. Not to mention, remember the 16 trillion I brought up here – who do you think is really behind that one? They print money for themselves in the same way that they “print” guilt for us to have.

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