Just staring at these two images again from here, trying to determine the exact concentrations that aren’t portrayed by the borders per se

See how Poland, Grodno, Minsk, Volyn (Volhynia), Galicia, and Kiev form a certain “single Israel” in a sense? About 900,000 in Galicia, about a million in Belarus, so it looks like Poland should be the main focus of research.

About a million in Romania too

Lots of conflicting data out there. That reminds me though, of Cioran calling on his countrymen to create a history for themselves. Was there something similar happening in Romania that was happening in Poland?

Find me something else that’s closer to counting as thee “Atlantis” of our time.

All those manmade borders to keep certain people out

Another thing to try to figure out besides population numbers is which of these main concentrations (whoops shouldn’t use that word) are most similar to the US? Because say, if Kiev was most similar, then it would be more worthy of our time to study that rather than a more highly populated place like Poland.

It’s strange we don’t have a readymade answer to the question of Was there a city in particular that was the center of gravity for the Ostjuden? I mean, it isn’t strange at all when you know what these deceptive people are like. There’s just something really shady about the few prewar goyim accounts from that accursed place that I’ve managed to find. The mainstreaming of the perspective of the Westjude Bertha Pappenheim alone would equate to the demolition of our state-religion. And she’s only one of about ten I’ve found who are just as damning. Our national soul continues to linger in that part of Europe. There’s a ghost there that haunts the US. Is there a way to put it to rest? “Booo we didn’t have to die… we didn’t have to die…” How many times would you have to pass the house next door to you and hear the scream of a sex-slave being raped before you kicked the door down and took care of the situation yourself? “You have a debt to pay, Mr. Polowski, that daughter of yours looks nice.” Who knows what we might dig up one of these days, I’ve only been studying these “Hell” countries for less than a year.

I do wonder if they’re similar to the way that Gypsy girl described her people, and do here what they did there with even more reckless abandon and with a newfound impunity and wrath

Sadly most people don’t even know that the Roma suffered under the Nazi regime, let alone that it led to the Roma becoming even more secretive and distrusting of gaja

Anyway, as for the “key” countries, I’ve yet to find a Belarusian Choinski or a Belarusian Michalkiewicz (i.e. pre and post war thinkers), and nor have I found a Romanian [sic] Choinski or Michalkiewicz. Atlantean writers, still unknown to those who inhabit the new land of residence of the жиди.

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