I was gonna say “You’re not going to be surprised” yet I myself was even surprised, so maybe you will be surprised that there are similar patterns in Romania too

You want to understand how they have such control today? Most Romanians were illiterate until 1912? While “evreii” probably had 60% literacy in the year 12. That’s why it’s all too easy for them. “Maybe people with such a history of literacy have the right to rule?” It was a matter of WHAT they were reading. They can think fast, abstractly, the thing is, they can only do that in accordance with their old-timey Babylonian beliefs. Just how it seems to me- there are rare exceptions which I try to show you. One way to put it is it’s a hybrid of “primitive advanced” intelligence. Is it good for anyone besides them? It doesn’t seem to be the case. If you can see them as “servants of God”, I think of them as millions of robot-servants that need to be brought back to the factory for repairs after one too many burned someone’s house down “on accident”. Once you’re familiar with their activity in a few countries it goes without saying that this idea of “chosenness” needs to be updated. It’s a type of robot that continues to avoid being updated. It has the intelligence of a chosen race, matched with the primitive superstitions of an obsolete programming. And this is not good for anyone. Only them. So they can continue beeping and booping around as they destroy one country after another. “I am. sorry. Yahweh I will. try. again somewhere. else.” Yahweh himself, i.e. the human writers of the Talmud, were themselves misprogrammed to believe that they should program them to do that. There is a Programmer beyond YHWH. This mess they’ve created in all these countries is definitive proof of that. Uighurs? Jews need to be reeducated. This is the most important question of our time. And to me, it isn’t even a question anymore, it’s blatantly obvious. How do you keep living under the rule of these smartbots without saying anything about it? Retards from Babylon. I mean, so am I in part if Farrell is right with his theory. With him you have to be tentative because he says some pretty crazy, if interesting, things from time to time, you can check his sources for yourself. He speculates that it’s not that Jews are half-Italian, it’s that both Jews and Italians were Babylonians who were brought to Italy as slaves, were freed, and eventually ascended into the upper-echelons. This is between 300BC-300AD. Some of those ones converted to Christianity, others continued believing the ideas in the Torah, and somewhere eventually, the Talmud. So you can see that we’re talking about two Jewries at this time, one in Italy, one still in the Middle East. One went up North through Italy, the other went up North through Khazaria. This is where I’m at now at least. Like I said, I’m very skeptical about materials I read on the banker-alchemists (for obvious reasons- they control capital, they control the printing press) – this is just one of the narratives that seems more plausible to me than others. Are you sure you shouldn’t have just converted to Catholicism? All those demonic things written in the Talmud, I don’t know about you Jews.

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