Happy Valentine’s to the one I’m pretty certain of and can’t say. I’d almost prefer it this way, not being able to talk. We have to live in rabble-dimension so at least one of us can pillory them here. Yeah you’re loved, just be happy about it. What do you mean “we’d be better as a team”? That is against the political order and thus. We only have love in the realm of ideas.I expect that many couples are anti-establishment and never admit it to each other and die like that. What possesses people to mock my loneliness for years rather than setting me up with a nice girl, I’ll never get it. I just hope my ketman bride out there is doing good. “Evil person on the internet!” Why, what are you even talking about? I bet you wouldn’t even expect who my true valentine is, NSA. “A woman from the NSA who has collected files secretly?” In a sense, I guess.

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