The memoirs of Matuszewicza. It’s the same with that Choinski book on the neophytes- when you highlight the text it gives you a translate option. Half page by half page. As irritating as that is, imagine not having that technology. If you want to learn about “Hell”, here ya go. I’m trying to find some of his “bros” too. Here are some materials that might give us some clues about them which I can’t find on google

“The Szlachta of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Their Government,” in The Nobility in Russia and East Central Europe, ed. Iwo Banac and Paul Bushkovitch (New Haven, 1983), 17–45. Cf. Teresa Zielinska, Magnateria polska epoki saskiej (Wroclaw, 1977). Cf. Gershon Hundert, “On the Problem of Agency in Eighteenth-Century Jewish Society,” Scripta Hierosolymitana 38 (1998): 83–84.

Neech had to rely on wandering around libraries with only a handful of languages to do genealogy, poor guy. Libraries! They seem like such a quaint institution in light of the internet.

I keep seeing this historian referenced. We’re talking about the connection between the Polish nobility and Zyds on one hand, and the plantation negroes on the other.

I like to imagine there are zoomers who read me who are nerds, and NOT just CHAMS who hate PC culture. I like to imagine.

This one’s informative. How do you like your plantation? Making the plantation of Poland a matter of folk knowledge will lessen our servitude–and with any luck will lead to another holocaust. Whoops, put my cards face-up on the table there.

I will never stop praising this technology


Looks like Pasek inspired Choinski. Remember when, in wanting to distance himself from the German rabble, Neech claimed to be descended from Polish nobility. Pasek and Matuszewicz might have been the kind of people he had in mind. Pasek covers 1655-1688. Kitowicz chronicles the years 1743–1798. Kitowicz is a bourgie- still an important perspective to have obviously. That peasant Deczyński wrote during the first half of the 1800s. Since we can’t trust modern history books we have to go “to the primary sources themselves” in order to recreate the lifeworlds of hell-before-hell.

So we now know that not only did they control business there, such that I frequently see it said that it was a “paradise” for them, we know that they also had a LOBBY, which is a funny word for Gershon to use. And further, being in control of minting, they had a proto Federal Reserve System. Did they have the eGYPt persecution victimology narrative then too? Wouldn’t be surprised. All the while treating goyim like garbage and slaves, check and check.

Ah found that essay on the journals of the noblemen

It was commonly believed that the Jews were the cause of the misfortunes that befall Poland.

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