Nothing like a holiday to make me feel like a clown. The women spending today ugly-crying can think of me that way to cheer up. Why are holidays so real, I don’t understand. “Let’s check up on you and see how you’re doing in life. Ah, alone, very good.”

This is why I rant about the Hyksos so much- if they weren’t such a malignant force in society, I wouldn’t have to rant about them, thus I wouldn’t be redacted, thus I wouldn’t be so atomized. And I rant about them in the first place because they cause the atomization that so many of us are familiar with. Yeah I blame you boomers too, don’t worry, mostly blame you for letting them do this to us. “It’s all everyone else’s fault” No I just want to have a normal life and when they’re in power that’s not going to happen, at least someone has to criticize them. Poland’s feudal lords are here with us now, can you feel it?

Anyway back on that- Gershon says the nobility constituted 6% of the population, while the Zyds constituted about 7%. So about 87% were pretty close to slaves. And make no mistake, it seems a lot of the Zyds were kicked in the dirt during those times too. They were known in Germany as luftmenschen, they just floated around towns not knowing if they’d get a handful of moldy breadcrumbs to slap into their maw before nightfall. Which kind of Ostjude are you Zyd reading this? “Please let me join the cabal, I’ll do anything, I’ll say anything, I’ll prostitute myself.” Glad we can all suffer together.

Let’s see, what do I have to cheer up a secret admirer if one does in fact exist

The need for togetherness really is one of the main ways they control us. If you say something they don’t like then you’re not going to be a member of society anymore, and that’s a fate worse than death for most people. It does feel like death some days. We could anthropomorphize Society if we wanted, and if you’re a member of it who says the right things then it will be smiling upon you. If you say things it doesn’t like then you have to live with it frowning at you all the time. It makes you feel good when Society is smiling at you, naturally. I don’t care, you scowl at me I scowl at you back. It’s a dance we do together, scowling. The difference between us is I genuinely hate you, and you only pretend to hate me. I’m just rambling in a forlorn state. I disavow holidays.

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