If you see the name of this site you’ll understand the only thing I really care about. Literally my only friend and I hate him too. What he says about the rabble is right though so I can still agree with him about that. If only you knew what they were really like. I think it causes some form of insanity to know what they are like, and that explains the response of ressentiment I’m used to. You’re meant to be sitting in a church and being told myths, because your consciousness can’t grasp anything besides that. This is whites and jews alike. It goes without saying for the others. There’s just no point in telling you about it, because it’s not in the form of a myth. You only wish I was exaggerating or something. There’s not going to be any Golden Dawn because there are too many retards. Pretty much all-pervasive retardation. You’re going to continue to be the bitch of the Jews, and you’re already a monkey now so who cares if the muds move here too? There’s no point in talking to you. It’s just a life of jealousy and revenge for you. There’s nothing to save. Listening to people talk is like visiting the zoo.

Ugh I should be nicer today since people are often unhappy. Eh I don’t know if I can do that though. I don’t know how you people do it. You want a rose? Why are you likely one of the ones who makes me so disgusted with humanity? Why would I give you a rose? Reminds me of a couple christmases ago, yeah you want a present, how about a golden shower? I bet some women hate themselves so much that they’d like that. “”Joking”” aside, I’m serious, the reason I talk without caring if it makes me a pariah is because I wouldn’t even want to be around the kinds of people who would like me if I “made a deal with the world”. Neither option makes me happy. So I might as well go the pariah route. Maybe I have an over-idealized conception of conversation. I’m not going to be a PC retard and I’m not going to be content listening to one of those either. I’d rather spend the holidays alone than being around people like that. Monkey in a cage. Wow you really inspire me. Itch your armpit in there, maybe I’ll wrote a poem based on it. You ape.

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