One Russian historian I saw a while ago said that America is the place where all the garbage of Europe escaped to, i.e. if they were doing well in Europe they wouldn’t have needed to migrate here, that that’s the base population anyway. Plausible hypothesis. And then Heisman seems accurate here that the concentrated noble element of the south was slave-revolted by the north. And then that sheds light on why the US would’ve been against the noble Germans less than a century after the civil war, which was a further slave-revolt. Then twenty years after we get the vulgar hippie revolution in that same direction toward the nadir of decadence. And then I’d say about 2010 was around the time it descended further, and here we are now where even chimp-people are tolerated. There’s no saving this place, no noble element exists anymore. No real brahmins. White shudras ruled over by vaishya-chandalas. There’s likely going to be a further slave-revolt within many of our lifetimes. Niggers and Jews have no morality, I expect a heightened uglification of the country. People will be worse to each other than they already are, art will more and more turn into the opposite of art, and worst of all people in general will be less interesting. They will be only more confident in their dullness. Being an immoral person will be something they laugh about even more uninhibitedly. The bastards born to single parents will know no other lifestyle. Eventually we’ll import the culture from China, and that will probably be an improvement at that point. Mulattoes with the hybrid crudeness of the ghetto and trailer trash is what I expect. Will the upper-class develop a pathos of distance? Some people do seem to snap out of it when their own children are at stake, so probably. I can only hope that at least a minority of the population avoids that fate. Poor whites will not. Even the bourgeois ones will not, looking at the ones who currently exist. Not people I want to be around, not people I want to listen to talk. The plutos creates the mandatory belief-system of the demos and I expect them to be more hostile to people who disagree with them as the years go on. The women are irreparably polluted with dozens of flings rendering them romantic nomads, and the men have the most basic interests not much loftier than sportsball spectation and seem quite content being serfs. The Madam Maxwells from the Pale are viewed as the bastions of virtue and the lies of the whiskery rabbis are enshrined as absolute truths. The Talmud is the most important book of our time. Its connection with Atlantis will not be closely studied by anyone because that will result in them being fired and having to settle with an even nastier morsel from the female population. Don’t really care if everyone starts shooting each other. Though that will probably only result the same way as the two wars where most of the best and bravest men died, which explains a lot about the contemporary west. “I’ll stay in the factories and make weapons for you because I’m too scared to fight.” Explains the politicians, the industrialists, the bitch bluechecks whose testicles have ascended all the way back into their bodies. Nothing to save, you deserve it.

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