Looks like the writer of that monograph on Franko has a similar idea

First I was going to say they don’t want us to know anything about the Slavic peoples at all (with Russia, Poland, and Ukraine in mind), then I thought to correct myself and say they don’t want us knowing about the people to the East of them either (Middle Easterners), then I thought to correct myself again, and concluded that they don’t want us knowing too much about anyone East of France and the UK really, i.e. the perspectives of Germans, namely. They don’t want you to dig too far with any of these many countries, and certain ones moreso than others (POLAND).

It’s similar to that satiric motto “invade the world, invite the world”- pretty much everything east of France is cast as either the Evil Other or the Unknown, i.e. isn’t cast at all. Whereas in our own country the ones who are creating our perception of “the East of France” also create an image for themselves as the Good Other. They do this with other minorities here too, the latinos and blacks. It’s difficult to articulate exactly what they’re doing. They create this perception because they don’t want you to know that what they did in the “East” they’re now doing here. And part of what they’re doing here is creating this deception about both sides of the world so to speak. In other words, creating these perceptions is similar to the tricks they pulled in the East, which they create the perception of itself. Is that confusing at all, there isn’t a clearer way to put it. They have us interpret the East (Slavs and Muslims mostly) in a way that makes it easier for them to do to us what they did to the East. The more I study the East the more I see through their schemes in the West.

Look, another non-coincidence seen from a casual venture into the wild

5000 extant bibliographic items, as his Polish wiki has it.

Leading candidate for “NYC”- probably Warsaw.

TIL Choinski was a German, and Franzos was a Sephardi – might help us understand them more. Also, pseudonyms used by Choinski- M. Bogdanowicz, TJ Orlicz, Pancerny, Habdank. You know that history of Poland of his that the other day I had to fix the line-breaks of on google translate, the one that talks about the “Live Merchants”? Translated here.

Upside-down world folder

The holocaust professor Bristow said that this was one of the main reasons for antisemitism in Germany.

I mean, this is already enough as it is

Then you add the rest on there.

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