Good morning disgruntled serfs, it’s another day on the farm, are you making sure to keep your head down and look at the ground when your lord is around? Even in your own house you don’t speak ill of your lord? Teach me how to be liegepilled like you. 

One of my favorite shows as a teenager was House, and I want better for the teenagers of today. There are more nuanced ways of being a grumpy problem-solver, namely in my opinion knowing the history of our ruling-class. If zoomers all can describe life in other countries where they were in power right off the top of their head then these liars will be done for. I can understand why gamers escape into fantasy, because praxis is pretty much impossible. I think this is mostly an excuse. Knowing precisely how yids have acted here and elsewhere is a form of praxis that would actually change things for the better. 

I should’ve expected that that edition of that Galician mayor Słomka’s memoirs was abridged. There are lots of excerpts here that aren’t included in the pdf I linked to previously. Believe it or not, it isn’t out of ill-will that I seek to know what life was like then. I simply want to know. So much of our lives today are based on what life was like then and we don’t know anything about it.

And if you want to understand why “they” acted the way they did in Galicia, one of the most enlightening documents I’ve found so far is that one on the trial in 1240s Paris on the Talmud. The arguments of the rabbis don’t hold up in my opinion, you can judge for yourself. I’m not really in the mood to go into details at the moment, too many signs that I’m talking almost exclusively to apes. If you want to evolve these are a couple important hyperlinks I can think of. Basically- their ideological foundation and the feeble ways in which they respond to detractors, and how that weak ideological foundation plays out in practice amongst uneducated people who aren’t aware of the nature of it. “If it’s so weak then how do they rule the world?” Apes like you. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few people I like. Am I wrong though about what I said yesterday? It seems that almost everyone does absolutely nothing. Either that or they actively work for the servants of evil. 

It reminds me of how instead of teaching them literacy and numeracy they jewed them out of their farms instead. Something similar is happening today. I’m not much of a number person myself so I can’t help you there, I try to teach you a type of literacy that allows you to see through their deceptions. Only the rare ones like Hodos will teach you about that. And even he doesn’t touch on their “migrations”. You can be an illiterate serf who gets mad for being informed about what you are if you want or you can learn and try to help other serfs in that condition. Because you are being exploited, you are being swindled. To such a degree that in many cases they’ve swindled serfs into swindling their fellow serfs. There is a veritable collective of swindle apologists. If they farmed wheat in Poland, they farm deceit in the US. Proud employees in the swindle industry. And the sad part is that they themselves are being swindled as well. It’s self-swindling as well as swindling others. I bet the Madam Maxwells of the world are truly happy too, being incapable of love, and they can thank their brothers for that. This is the world of the Jewish narcissist and you’re just living in it. In reality everyone loses in the end because the “lifeworld” which is a product created by him, is cheap and broken. I can’t imagine one could be too happy creating a product like that. All the animal-people they’ve engineered, how could that give them real meaning? Ultimately they’re locked in an animalistic survival-mode themselves, exclusively concerned with the security of resources, of which the shekel is only the symbol. They don’t care about anything higher than that, only the storehouse of grain so that they don’t starve if they’re found out to be doctrinally immoral once again.

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