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I’m ahead of the curve on like 200 studies that don’t exist yet. Too many people are stuck in a larval state to even understand any of this. The bitter wind of ostracism makes them shiver and rationalize for their liege. We can only hope that the unborn will grow up to perceive them as intellectually primitive. “Total SERF that old man, no getting through to him.”

The idea of them serving as statesmen is so absurd once you escape the survival-bubble. You need to know what’s best for everyone in that role, and they can’t think outside of themselves. They didn’t evolve to perceive the good-in-itself, they evolved to only perceive what’s-good-for-me. All you have to do is read their scripture. It shows in how they behave today exactly. Oh sorry is a cham reading this again? Don’t you have some deceit-farming to do? What I would do to have someone to laugh with about the implications of the demolition of the state religion. Unfortunately there exists mostly only people to laugh AT. I really do feel like I’m the embodiment of contempt living in a castle or something. Just sad plebs who don’t have a chance at all. Puttering about making excuses for themselves. When you divide the races, the consequence is that you divide the races within whites themselves. Alt-lite jew-schmoozers are a type of nigger. Hello my negro.

For the real ones who studied that Talmud trial, did you read how that article I linked to ended? It’s so pathetic, Jews have zero self-awareness. They survived through pity alone. Anyone who’s thoroughly separated themselves from contemporary capitalism can see that quite clearly. Pity and bribery, that’s what drives the soul of the white neegero. Both equate to looking the other way when you see immorality. It’s thus a participation in immorality. There are ties to the aesthetic as well. I’m reminded of snob amateurs condemning marvel movie fans. Yeah that’s how you seem to me, like people who watch those. Low brow, no taste. Obnoxiously childish to the point that you nauseate me.

Looks like there was another proto-Hodos more than a century before Donin. This is significant because now we’re getting to closer to when the Talmudist Radhanites began enslaving Europeans.

This is, synchronistically, what I was trying to get at above

Alfonsi saw himself as part of an ‘international intellectual koine that transcended political and chronological…boundaries.’

I’m not here to talk to chams, I’m here to talk to Alfarabis. More down to earth, this seems like the kind of thing people at the country club would be chatting about if this were not the age of the plebs. “You know that Talmud was written by theorists essentially, and they could’ve been wrong–in fact it appears they were.” It was written by what they called doctores, so think of our PhD caste getting together and writing a book and calling it sacred. It was written by mere men, and it seems they were proto-machiavellian men in a strong sense. A teacher of evil as Strauss called Mach.

This old treatise is so relevant to today – do you think that the mischling Murdoch ever has moments like this?

Alfonsi sets out his aims, his methods, and his reasoning for adopting them, as well as introducing the two sparring aspects of his personality: Petrus, representing his new Christian self, and Moyses, the Jew he was before.

“Be immoral to everyone who isn’t a Jew” – yeah I think it’s time to convert, pal.

Esther is this you? Is this you Esther?

If there had been an Alfonsi in Poland to civilize his coethnics the holocaust would’ve never happened. “No Sholem, goyim aren’t animals to be trafficked like livestock.” It’s so pathetic that the standard response to this is “Human traffickers won the war, deal with it.” I deal with it by not being a cham like you. You fundamentally believe that “nothing matters” if you’re shifty about the JQ, the muds, the cowards, the whores. You’re a nihilist, you’re not an adult. Culture is destroyed because of your negligence.

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