Cosmopolitan inclinations

I was happy to find that An-sky guy, and I’ve found so many like him since then.

This text is in part a study of one of Franzos’ “Halb-Asien” volumes that I haven’t found yet, and also one of Sacher-Masoch’s works.

Looks like this new one was inspired by these two

Joseph Roth was following a tradition of portraying Galicia as a hub of multiculturalism. Where he differs from these literary forerunners is that Roth defines the area of Galicia as cosmopolitan.

The ethos of the US didn’t appear out of nowhere one day. And it’s exported to the rest of the world. I want to know its origins. Masochists thrived there? huh.

Do you see how this concept can be applied to not only Ukraine, due to the heavy migrations of the last century?

Apparently it was a multicultural region for at least a thousand years.

A truly honest study of Galicia’s relation to the US isn’t going to be found because then you’d have to bring up “their” influence.

It hasn’t stopped being eerie to me Franko saying that you weren’t able to talk about it in Galicia either.

“Ah first time? Look at these goyim rookies.”

Was the silence about them tacitly enforced in places like Babylon and Constantinople too? I dunno, I wouldn’t be shocked.

The connection between capital, totalitarianism, and enforced silence is obviously not going to be found in a study either (given the presupposition of silence).

If someone wanted to write a sneaky book, they could do a study on this subject and the Hakka, and only subtly hint about China’s reminiscence to the US.

Oo how about an alt-history novel involving the Gypsies taking over the ruling-class. Showing all their migrations and criminality and how it affects the general worldview here.

Might be able to do a dialectical study of Galicia once expertise is acquired on the place

Hrystsak claims that all the different groups of Galicia provided a breeding ground for nationalist sentiment, and how each group perhaps
provoked the other

Another one for the reading-list

Anyone know what the superlative location is?

Finally he’s discussing Franzos

A ruling-class from a different continent, sounds about right.

Says when they cross the border between West and East the mood gets depressing and relatively primitive. Yeah pretty much. I just live in the German clouds, sorry.

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