You can say that again Franzos

In my opinion, the borders between the two parts of the world are very intricate.

Just know that if it was Latvians who had a suspicious influence in the country I live I’d be studying them ethnographically probably nearly as much. They’re only partially Eastern though. Somewhere like Jordan is way Eastern. And that’s about where “ours” are from. So that very likely motivates my interest in studying them, because I feel I live in an alien political order. Once again, Shahak said it explicitly himself that classical judaism is totalitarian. Germans and Anglos are peoples who err more on the side of liberty. Wonder why they were Prots. Jews were hostile to “protestantism” for 3000 years. There’s something to be said in support of conservatism, at a certain point though you have to admit that some things you believed in Babylon need to be left behind. Hating goyim leads to goyim hating them, it’s not the other way around. I can somewhat understand what they’re like because I’m so familiar with the clannishness of Italians. Clannishness is opposed to Klannishness so to speak. They feel like they’re living in a culture that is fundamentally opposed to them so they have to retreat into a sort of tribalistic mentality. They know everyone is secretly wearing the KKK hood and they hate that. The problem is that the less KKK you are the more 3rd world you are. I relate to that diplomat Mahbubani, the Indian from Singapore, trying to mediate the East and West. “We’re European!” Yeah, moreso than a Saudi, that’s about it. Hence the label “halb-asien”. What do we think of when we think of Asia? Authoritarian collectivism? That’s something Western Euros left behind many centuries ago. It’s probably painful for some to hear, nonetheless it’s a conversation that needs to be had–on a national level. Which is that even Westjuden were embarrassed by their cousins in the East. And that now the latter is able to impose their will on the population through a fabricated victimology narrative matched with a questionable means of extracting unfathomable amounts of capital. It’s not good dude, I don’t want to go back to eastern primitivism. Bring everyone back to the east with you so you feel more at home, no fucking thank you. Not like they’ll ever lose their ethnonarcissism, which is one of the defining features of the Ostjuden. The Talmud says to kill the best of the goyim and while I hate to brag I feel that on a personal level, and I’m sure Trump and various anons do too. Just withering away in a gulag for years and they plug their ears when I make a good point, which is every day.

Just a random statement from Franzos that illustrates why he makes some uneasy

I mean, restaurants might seem like a trivial example, is he wrong though?

If restaurants are a symbol of how European a place is, Lemberg’s restaurant is depicted as the worst in the entire text. The farther East one travels in the Empire, the farther away one is from culture.

Aschheim, again, is the best nonfictional account of this discrepancy I know of, and I keep finding other writers who treat him as the authority too.

“What about Southern Italy huh?” If they controlled the screens I’d be grilling them too.

Franzos again, on something more important than only restaurants

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