Wouldn’t it be nice if someone dropped the Ultimate Truth on you one of these days? Seems like everyperson wants to know that. I have good news, I’ll tell you what that is. Just kidding. I know approximations, that’s about it. Everyone’s different so a unique methodology is required given the case. Is that something that concerns you? What the Ultimate Truth is? “Yes, I’m a human being, of course it does.” That’s questionable in itself, because there are different ultimate truths for different levels of human beings. The Ultimate Truth in many cases is “Don’t think anymore.” It isn’t the same for others. I’ve told you before what the “ultimate answer” is to get to the ultimate truth and I’m sure you hate that. It’s an ugly reality and I don’t even want to tell you again. Many are at a larval state and exist without dissolving only through an agreement-network that they have formed with “friends”. You probably don’t want to end up living in chaos like me either so take that how you will. Connection to the herd keeps you anchored and from flying off from the earth. I try to make sky-friends myself. The “Ultimate Truth” is closer to the sky than it is to the ground. Those who are bound to the ground won’t understand what is happening in the sky. Those who return from the sky won’t be perceived very favorably from those who are bound to the ground, thus they have a fear of the sky. The closest thing to the Ultimate Truth I can tell you is that there is a value in wondering what the Ultimate Truth is. From this experiment of mine for instance, I have determined that the further away from the herd you can get is where Ultimate Truth is. People won’t like you if you do that, and if you do that you won’t like people. Like I said, it’s unique to each individual. After I leave “people” in the dust in order to seek Ultimate Truth I don’t care very much what they think of me when I return to them. At the same time, we’re human beings and need others so be careful. There is also a realm of legality in the cosmos that it is best not to go beyond. What is the Ultimate Truth? That is illegal in multiple ways to say in public. If you’re able to leave humanity and return without them noticing what you realized then I suggest it. In fact, I simply want to make the sky the new earth in general, so I suggest all flights away from humanity and their stone age ways. We probably have a monkey ancestor who was just like this, how do you think humanity got where it’s at? It’s through shunning the earthly ways of the rabble and striving toward a higher ideal. Some monkeys knew this, most humans do not.

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