“Aren’t we happy, we created a hybrid race that is so imbecilic that even the Chinese is able to laugh at it.” – the typical American

Niggers are retards, women are retards, jews are retards. The more they are told what they are the less power China will have. And you’re too retarded to tell them that. Because you’re a retard yourself. I doubt you get this theme yet, hence I’ve given up on you. Mudniggers are going to be subordinates to the Chinese. With whites we will be able to fight them, even with a fractional population of theirs. It doesn’t matter, the Christian drive makes everyone turn into a monkey out of altruism. And you will be ruled by oriental despotism as a result. “Praise the nigger!” You are a nigger yourself with white skin. How does that feel you nigger? Not much of a change. Hide anyone who calls you what you are you ape. Look at you, did you just arrive from the jungle? You look like a nigger to me. Nothing to be said to niggers, they make excuses for why they are so similar to monkeys. You tell me, why do you have white skin and you seem like a nigger? Tell me about that nigger. Why is that the first word I think of when I hear you speak nigger? It must mean that you are in fact a

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