Another dissertation on Franzos, this one from the 50s, which names various prewar writings on him which might be useful to find. How are you going to know the meaning of halbasien if you were born in a halbasien world? I know Atlantis because I’ve immersed there for several years, now what is not-Atlantis? This writer says Franzos has a total lack of empathy for non-German culture. It’s the same with the dreidel dreidel stereotype, everyone only thinks of Lederhosen. Hingle bingle bergen. No, humanity reached its peak with a few of those Germans in my opinion, and it was probably only possible because everyperson around them was a certain degree of advanced species. Halbasiens once upon a time were forced to integrate into German culture, now we are forced to integrate into halbasien culture. It isn’t for me. It was so refreshing to see Franko in the late 1800s in a tinfoil hat asking Is it just me or… is there… some kind of… occupation? They try to gaslight you into thinking you’re a lunatic for “noticing”, then and now. That mayor Słomka said that trade was something peasants took no part in, that it was something shameful that made them laugh–and that’s how the Zyds gitcha.

Franko wrote a couple novels that concern the Galician oil empire and someone wrote a book on it, and referenced him over a hundred times.


They burned the pre-US, damn nazis. First time I’ve been mad at them in a while.

On a related subject, I have not found Choinski’s Żyd w powieści polskiej (The Jew in the Polish Novel) which is probably one of the best bibliographies one can find. Well I guess this can work. I’ll save you the trouble, here’s the ones he names- Lejbuś and Sióra by Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, Józef Ignacy Kraszewski. Putting together the most illegal genealogical materials possible ahahaha. Ahh I wish I could read this Choinski book, am I going to have to learn Polish for Hell’s sake? He cites a Polish female novelist. Wikisource is great- instatranslations. Heh she has a book called Cham with no hyperlink. Hate to tell you, this is a groundbreaking gathering. They want all this kept sunken. Some of this technology is amazing. Choinski has a chapter on a writer named Aleksander Świętochowski for instance with a book accessible only in image-format, and I was easily able to find a site that converts image to text. I’m not even going to ask how you nerds figured out how to do that. They absolutely do not want frogs being Hell experts. “So what was that place like before the 30s anyway?” Well we have a link to a bunch of pdfs written by anons on the subject. Something we can hopefully say in the 2030s… Lots of materials to sort through. Genealogy is slow. What, you think holocaustianity isn’t going to be a thing in the 2030s? We got a wishful thinker here. Simply finding too many “fatal” writers through that Choinski book. One on the NYC Warsaw Zyds. I’m going to be returning to this post of mine in the future for reference. There’s a reason they confiscated him off the shelves! Of course half the books he cites don’t have hyperlinks to them (Mechesy by Marian Gawalewicz) – the ones that are the most difficult to find are the ones I want the most, obviously. Remember that one article on Choinski I linked to that said

What a happy man – I must say – they had condemned him to oblivion, rather than pretending he never existed. Something fantastic!

Now imagine the ones out there they pretend never existed – Choinski could help us find them. I’m certainly finding all kinds of writers I’d never heard of through him. Yeah this Choinski book is the most “radioactive rat” I’ve found for a while. Another one without a link, Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer’s Panna Mery. I will be locating all of these, don’t you talmudists worry. Józef Weyssenhoff’s Hetmani.

This is ALL you’re supposed to know, I don’t think so

Artur Gruszeckiego’s Szachraje. Going to be finding these one by one.

Now that I finally get to the Zakonczenie (End) of this Choinski book I’m slightly familiarized with the strangeness of the Polish language.

Why are the chapters at the end of the book for godsake

Let’s use that nifty image-to-text tek to see what he says on the final page to summarize these books

that “European” hooded Jew who, under the mask of humanism, enlightenment, liberalism, sought the final triumph of Judah, his rule over the world. Apart from the few fantastic types of Jewish assimilationists that shift from time to time in the Polish novel, we find very few positive types in it. It is dominated by the negative type of “cheat”, a type harmful to Polish society

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