Franzos substantiates that “peasants-with-soap” concept I thought up

In this quagmire no more art and no science thrives, but above all no white tablecloth and no washed face.

Change the demographic of a place, change its culture. The East arrived in the West. We gave them soap, and through that they hide.

No white tablecloth probably because they ate like feral hogs, an expression of their unrefinement which materializes in other ways we see here now. Dirty, dirty. It is a dirty bird that fouls its own nest, Franzos. Who can deny it? An uncivilized people.

The root-cause is expressed in the first few pages of one of those novels Choinski cites

I cheat the Christians, because the Talmud permits me to do so.

This is from Niemcewicza’s Levi and Sarah – I told ya I’m gonna find em all.

Why is the US slowly morphing into a 2nd world country? Why because that’s the nature of the ruling caste. What other explanation could there be?

Ah it appears Aschheim is on to something, olfactory-wise

The inhabitants have different opinions about why it smells so terrible in Krakow, depending on their confession.

Apparently they got the Franzonian impression North of Poland as well

In 1909, Ludwig Heinrich Friedländer (1824-1909), doctor of Philology at the Albertina in Königsberg wrote in his memoir that many Berliners he encountered had the impression that his hometown of Königsberg was almost a “half Asian” city.

Zogchow and PC culture

the people eat poorly and never laugh


If this custom were also used in half-Asia, then holy Krakow could not be called anything other than “Cracovia la stincatoria”. . . Sorry, dear reader, but the name would fit. I have never stayed in this city without wishing for a long cold so as not to be aware of this scent. Incidentally, this was a modest wish which was granted; the scent was so strong that I got a cold. That the people who condemned to live in this city are not decimated by an epidemic every year is truly a special miracle of God.

I can see why this is uneasy reading for them

All of a sudden, you are surrounded by a ball of quarreling, flattering, roaring, whispering, pushing, tugging figures, Jews in caftans and petticoats, so terribly dirty that you can hardly understand why they don’t stick to one another as soon as they collide.

Yep, Franzos loved those Germans – I wonder why more didn’t?

No wonder there’s so much stinking dirt on all the screens, eh?

I’m sure they feel more at home after inviting latin american peasants here too.

As rude as it might be to say, soap does not clean the soul. And the US is being shaped into Half-Asia.

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