Do you find it easier to breathe when I mosey off for a while? Why don’t you read some cartoon strips instead kid? No one likes to be reminded they’re a slave, especially when there’s not much they can do about it. Hypothetically anyway. You see me acting like you?

If you only knew how lost you really are. Im just trying to help. I already know the pattern, you just can’t be helped. Totally lost and it’s so sad.

It’s called “internalizing your oppressor”. I might as well be talking to Zyds right now.

Are you still in there somewhere? Hello are YOU there anywhere anymore?

It’s too radical for their egos to face squarely. They’d rather settle for a menial scrap of revolution. Do you even get that? You get nothing anyway so you might as well go all the way, that’s my logic.

“So how am I lost, please do tell me.” You’re too lost to even tell you. Are you truly receptive to the idea that you’re lost? Because only then will it be remotely possible for you to stop being lost. Otherwise I’m just talking to a Zyd. Do you know how to pronounce Zyd by the way? I find that that gives me an insight into them, strangely.

I just like the examined life, okay? I wish I learned this kind of stuff in philosophy classes. Because pretty much everything I read about these subjects is operating on false presuppositions at their very core. 99.9% of what you can find is just “lost”. It’s a labyrinth of deception.

There’s no way to directly go about it because when people see certain words they instantly shapeshift into a Zyd. So there’s no talking to them. Which is why I tell people that something like sci-fi would be more effective than the way I talk about it.

Imagine if there was a people whose very belief-system was that everyone besides them is bad and needs to be destroyed. Now imagine that it’s against the rules to be against that. That’s where we are in the present. You aren’t allowed to say that you don’t like that you are told that you are bad and need to be destroyed. What a “zymyte” is is someone who hates you and believes themselves justified to do you wrong. And if you don’t like that then you’re anti-zymyte.

People just transfer the blame from them to me. Another way of saying it is they are “anti not being destroyed”. I.e. they are “pro being destroyed”. And they hate me because I tell them they shouldn’t want to be destroyed, and that people with a belief-system that seeks to destroy others itself needs to be destroyed instead.

If you don’t see the demonizing label of “anti-semite” as an absolute joke after reading the Talmud then you are lost. Anti-people-being-immoral-to-me, that’s what an anti-semite is.

Like I’ve said before, people are enmeshed in “their” system already, have fancy degrees, mortgages, kids, all that, so they can’t perceive what I’m saying here without being a spiritual Zyd. They are Talmudists too, who at the end of the day are one with their project of destruction. I mean, I agree certain people need to be destroyed, probably ones with Babylonian ideas. The end-result of their plan is to create a fallen jungle mixture which the Chinese will be superior to. White people, 999/1000 times, are the only ones who are creative. Probably closer to 999,999/1,000,000 if not more. That’s what the Talmudists are destroying. Sorry if you already signed your soul away to the destruction program, you’re in the hands of evil, and your children likely will be too. You’re lost, and they’ll be lost too. Your soul is damned. Go watch a cartoon you child. Hopefully it makes you feel better that you’re one of the damned ones.

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