Just beginning expeditions through some of these writers that Choinski suggests- Eliza Orzeszkowa has about 40 books alone. It’ll take at least a month with those. A “progressive anti-semite” I saw her referred to as. Different times in those days, she was in the running to win a nobel prize. Apparently there were lots of stereotypes about the Zyds circulating around Poland in those days and she sought to dispel them and to convince them to integrate into society. If we think of this idea of “being lost” again, all that integration means is not hating the people of their host society. She seems to be saying No, the dressing the matzah with goyim blood is only a nursery fable, however, can you Zyds just try to be good to non-Zyds?

Symbolically they DO like to eat goyim blood, just sayin, Eliza.

For anyone who’s “not lost”- didn’t something like 20 million Slavs die during World War Two? And these aren’t even the people whose core belief is that they should actively be immoral to others. 6 million who believed they should be actively immoral to others died. That’s why the label of antisemite is a joke to me. They believe in something that invites people not to like them. It’s all an illusion to think they’re the innocent ones of the conflict.

“That Talmud isn’t who they are!” – says the secularist who is a Christian in everything besides name. “Love, tolerance.” Yeah you’re their slave, how does it feel? The same ones who murdered Christ are murdering your people now. Look around idiot.

There’s no hope for people who have already signed their soul away. Ultimately they have animal-blood if they let that happen, so everything in its right place. Slaves in denial who happily do their masters’ bidding. Instead of saying the slightest thing against a Zyd they will choose to be a mealy-mouth and say something against me indirectly for informing them of how servile they are. Can’t say anything against the Zyds, can’t say anything against me, you are a bitch working on a plantation. Make an excuse for yourself. What is it? Sound off in the replies. Rent-free in your head because you know what you are.

Serene, clearing the room- so, this literature Choinski has shown us, this is going to take some time to go through. Trust my word or not, that seems like the way to preemptively preventing the younger generations from turning out like the wretched “adults” who are alive today. What was it like in that place, before history “began” in the 1930s? It’s too late for the damned ones, this is one of the ways I see that we can prevent the younger ones from turning out like them, and it looks like it’s going to take a lot of time and effort. A century since they wrote it took to find them again. That’s the power of international shekel.

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