Day 2000 of not letting the banks or the rabble stop me.

When I was younger I was naive to seek enlightenment from Buddhism. That’s the easy go-to. I haven’t changed much since then, I just seek Pure Knowing elsewhere after not finding it there.

I was surprised to find that the Political determines Pure Knowing to a great degree. Conditions it. I never expected the Political to be so closely connected to Pure Knowing.

No I don’t claim to have Pure Knowing, that’s only my goal.

The political order one finds oneself in plays a role in one’s religious beliefs. Thus, since realizing that, I’ve sought to figure out precisely what the political order is that I find myself in.

Some forms of empirical science seem to achieve Pure Knowing. At least on the surface. Almost all science takes place in a political context as well. “Why are you studying that in particular?” “The state funds it.” Effective technology is proof that science can be Pure Knowing. Then it’s a question of what technology is used for. Used to serve political ends? “I only do science as an end in itself.” And you just so happen to never get results that would anger those in power? Science is conditioned too. Is there a mad genius millionaire out there somewhere? Probably, and he probably is subtle enough not to sound any alarms. I on the other hand really don’t care, never have, and I have no idea why I’m not in prison. If you want Pure Knowing you need to let go from humanity. Social laws, faux pas, literal laws, reproduction (heh), I care about more important things ultimately. If you want Pure Knowing, i.e. Science, then you need to first understand Political Science, because this latter conditions the former. No academic textbook on true polisci exists because half of it would be about the Talmud, and we can’t have that. I don’t even know if I’ve accessed a pre-rabbinical-revision version yet, and it’s already telling enough as it is. It doesn’t matter if they never touched a Talmud, the goyim-left acts exactly like Christians without the Christ part. Note- do not believe a Hebrew who tells you what a Hebrew is. Lying is part of their religion. It’s how they avoided being force-converted in their various previous host countries. Do I have Pure Knowing? Hell no I don’t. What I am absolutely certain of though is that if you can’t read these kinds of things that I am saying without rationalizing then you cannot be said to have even a quasi-scientific attitude. One of the main obstacles people have is that the political itself is a religion to people and thus they interpret the Political through the political. For instance, if you interpret me as an “anti-semite” rather than as someone who’s trying to understand political science, that’s a sign that you’re not trying to understand political science yourself, and are merely presupposing a kind of political science that you believe to be established in objective fact. What was it that Erbaugh wrote-

The Hakka are only one of hundreds of subgroups which won the revolution

How do you expect to understand “political science” without an ethnographic understanding of our own revolutionary victors? “We all have equal souls, whudr you talkin about goyim?” That’s another example of interpreting political science through the prism of the existing political “science” that is already imposed. Without having understanding of Political Science you won’t have Pure Knowing. No, we don’t have equal souls, and furthermore, the fact that they won the revolution doesn’t make them “more equal” than others. All it means is that they’re in power. And from the perspective of someone who doesn’t recognize their imposed political science as valid, they’re only in power because they’re immoral, i.e. have less equal souls than some others. It’s a circular logic that they use- “Listen to us because we’re the moral ones.” And what if the immoral ones are telling you that because they’re liars? And that even their sacred scriptures confirm that? And that even their millennia of history when studied carefully confirms that? I don’t accept the version of Pure Knowing that these hunchbacks try to impose, nor do I accept their version of Political Science. Both work together synergistically against them once you leave their circular logic. Uglier and uglier they look by the day after you question their presuppositions (that, being hunchbacks, they don’t allow you to question). I’d suggest that they be demoted back to their former merchant role in society, then I wonder- why would I want people like them even being merchants? I’ll take a moment to be kind- I like Franko’s idea of having them all live in Israel and forming a new caste-system naturally. They’ll only learn to stop being parasites, cheats, and liars when they’re exclusively around their own. Otherwise they’ll never grow, and only bring us down to their level, which is what we’re seeing in the US everyday. A Pale of hunchbacks it’s turning into. Half-Asian, missed the boat of morality that was Christianity. And immorally silence you from talking about their immorality. A thought-prison of circular logic that needs to discarded.

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