I almost wish I never read that last Choinski book I posted about, because it’s nerve-wracking how much has been added to my reading-list through it. Wikisource to Poland is what Litmir is to Russia- the best source of texts I’ve found. Already the one of dozens of novels of that Eliza Orzeszkowa amounts to infinite scrolling. It appears she corresponded and exchanged books with Franko. So another one to add to the web. What’s the message of that popular new age book The Secret that if you desire something enough it will manifest- couple months ago I was like “I’m gonna find those writers from that place and time just you watch” and now I’ve found em and my work is cut out for me.

Meanwhile I’m still getting through Choinski himself

We, the infidels, do not care about the denominational, ritual, or dialectic part of the Talmud, we are concerned only with the Talmud’s attitude towards non-believers and the consequences of this attitude in life… Conceived by far-thinking men for the sake of livelihood of a nation under threat from everywhere, the “elite,” implanting skillfully and systematically over several centuries, soaked in the Jew, turned his head for thousands of years. 

Here’s a gem I hadn’t heard before

According to the Talmud, all these goyim are: baskets into which straw and dung are thrown

If you don’t like me you’re cool with having dung thrown into you, it’s simple as that.

He calls it an ethics without ethics

a double morality – different towards Jews, different towards non-believers. The first morality is, in fact, moral, restraining the ignoble, evil instincts of man, it even teaches love of one’s neighbor, while the second one gives the infidel to the Jew’s prey, allows him to do anything that could destroy or ruin: deceitful cheating, fraud, theft, usury, perjury.

After seeing in that Juden of Königsberg book yesterday that it was “Half-Asian” there too, I wonder if Kant’s moral philosophy was shaped by the Hebraic presence there at all. Another study that doesn’t exist yet- the Kantianism of Nazism. Universal morality is clearly the diametrical opposite of what counts as “morality” for Hyksos. He’s mentioned over a hundred times in that book- for another day (sigh). Unless? See, you can’t even study Kant without being potentially politically incorrect. Yeah I’d rather live on a street with Kantians than, uh, nomads. I have so many nicknames for them at this point – the “shifty Schiffs” – wait, that’s someone else’s. I wonder what happened to him? Fake news, more like Talmudist Scholasticism, amirite.

Even if you hate my guts, it’s just an innocent thought-experiment- what if we live in a backwards half-asian political order because of a war won by hyper-exploitative capitalists? I’m not saying it’s true, just that it seems likelyvery likely, that’s all.

This writer, besides employing the halbasien term refers to Königsberg as a “Learned Siberia”.

Skimming that study, I don’t see anything regarding Talmudism vs. the categorical imperative, which seems extremely relevant, given that Königsberg is mostly known as “that place Kant lived”. Remember that Nietzsche referred to Kant as the “Chinaman from Königsberg”? Coincidence?? I never knew what he meant by that.

WHO is in charge, I just wanna know

Learn to laugh. You people.

Well at least they don’t bury their freethinkers alive like in old China, I’ll give them that. The fact that we’re even having this “conversation” though…

Something similar, Choinski quotes the rabbi-an-sich, Rambam

When the Jew goes next to the temple of the dissolute, which has fallen into disrepair, he should say: praise to you, Lord, that you have smashed the house of idolaters. When he passes by the still standing house of the goy, he should exclaim: God will destroy the abode of the proud… If in a certain house one Jew is found among a thousand dissenters, and that house collapses, then the debris for that one Jew must be removed.

How many centuries of that sort of behavior before you’ve just “had enough”?

Just sitting here impressed at how perceptive Choinski is, I think of this

Before the extremist PC wave of the last several years it seemed normal to think of the French as exemplifying high-culture, and thus many snobs learned French in the academy. Could it be that the other side of Germany has its own style of “highbrow”? In my opinion that’s how it’s looking, depending on the merits one bestows upon historiographical lifeworld subversion. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the majority of people can’t face squarely many of these subjects I discuss. They’re for an elite. Anyone can learn french, the most basic of theorist dullards know Derrida and Deleuze. Try to write an essay on Kant and Choinski, and how they relate to America and the academy. That’s my idea of a snob. Suffice it to say, France was incorporated into the Culture Industry while Hell-Poland was disappeared from the map. And this is because of the ego-fragility of our overlords. You’re not “deconstructing” anything if you can’t treat with jest or semi-frivolity the might-makes-right quality of the decisions supposedly set in stone in the previous century. Someone like Choinski is already more radical than any French galaxybrain I ever read, and all the continentalist nerds can only cope about that fact. I think you’re forgetting somewhere else on the continent there. Reminds me of my post on the “unknown Russian Plato”. In other words, it’s suspicious where the line is drawn on the map, not very philosophical. Make sure never to bring up any Polish intellectuals unless they’re spiritually Jewish–then it’s a theological matter too. Real theology is illegal in Half-Asia. Heretics will be decapitated or buried alive in one way or another. In the context of the notion that “Goethe wasn’t good enough”, how could one ever hope to write something better than the Inferno if one cannot even speak about the political version of Hell? No one has the slightest problem critiquing or deconstructing the Bible. And that’s because the Bible isn’t the “Bible” of our time. The Bible of our time is arguably the Talmud, and only a priesthood is able to discuss it amongst themselves (honestly).

Choinski agrees with Rosenberg about this

the spirit of the Talmud is embedded in his soul, even if he did not even read it. Tradition passed from generation to generation and soaked in the blood of a Jew.

The Chabadniks are probably the exception- we’re mostly talking about a “bookless” rabbinical order that mostly post-christian zionists follow in a state of general ignorance. The latter aren’t the high-priesthood in other words. Besides what is said in privacy, I expect most of the rabbinism doesn’t even need to be said, it is simply known, through a glance, a casual shitpost, etc. And articulating this esotericism is the devil to them. And the Polish hell-literature does this well.

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