Sometimes when I’m studying a certain country I always have this sense that if I were talking about what I thought of it to someone who is actually from the place that they’d probably be correcting be about various things. The US isn’t the land of the free, we don’t learn about other countries very much. I just want to do a preliminary glance at the geopolitical oddity that is Armenia. All I know about that place is that my best friend in middle school was Armenian and our other friends liked to mess with him and say “Mark, you’re Mexican” and he, offended would exclaim “I’M AR-ME-NI-AN!” It makes me laugh even now. I never heard anything about the genocide there, and don’t even know if he knew anything about that. Clearly, I’m not going to google that, because we know there is only one genocide they recognize, and I expect them to downplay other ones.

Yandexing it, I wonder if this is true

all the pain that the ancestors of the dead carry with them every minute

Then there’s this photo here (and like I said I’m new to this, we only know about ONE genocide)

Mark was such a pleasant guy, why did that happen? Just a happy-go-lucky person who was too nice for his own good if anything. This is just my only personal anecdote to go off, so just sayin. Who did it, the Turks, right?

Because I look at this map again

And they share so much of a border with the ones who killed them? And what is Azerbaijan doing, trying to squeeze them away from Iran? Note the fact that they’re landlocked as well, that makes them vulnerable for trade because then they’re stuck with either the Turks, the Azeris, and the Georgians, and at least two of them are not ideal people to have next door. It reminds me of the Gaza Strip, though I have to look into it more. That doesn’t look like a nice place to be, I wouldn’t want to be them, hopefully they’re pals with the Georgians at least. Unless the Armenians are secretly evil, or gypsy-like, and Mark threw me all the way off about them, who knows. I’ve seen a theme on yandex of Israelis operating in Azerbaijan so you probably could guess which side I’d be on in that case.

From yandex again

This is where goog-translate will be handy, i.e. who the hell speaks Armenian, Turkish, Georgian, Iranian, et al. With this tek we can see all sides of the conflict. Both scholarly and guy on the street.

Do you remember this when I was studying the history of maps a while back?

This wouldn’t be an overnight project to really determine what happened and why. There are some unexpected subspecies in that general part of the world. Sufis, Druze, Alawites, who knows what the esoteric Armenia is. For all I know, the Azeris could be some prot split from Armenia that is more advanced. Needless to say we don’t learn about this part of the world. All we know about is POLAND, and we don’t anything about Poland. We’re not living at the end of history, we have a very parochial understanding of other countries. What do you even know about Mexico? They’re right next door. And nothing. Sombreros. How about mescaline? Is there a version of “mescaline” around these countries in question? Has there been a you-know-what kind of influence going on in Armenia over the centuries? Who possibly would be shocked?! This is one of the reasons I advocate for life-extension, because there’s so much to learn about so many countries, and even the one I was born in I’m only beginning to understand. We’re not studying soil or plants here, we’re studying the most advanced animals that exist in the universe, and what makes it even more difficult is that we study them as an advanced animal ourself. What I call Pure Knowing – how to do that, we can only try.

This is interesting (if true)

Many historians believe that the “root” and fundamental reason for the massacre directed at the Armenian people was not military strategies, but the religion of the Armenian people. In 301, the Armenians were the first in the whole world to adopt Christianity as a state religion and still practice it. 

So are they like the Maronites of Lebanon? You don’t hear about these offshoots of Christianity over there. Like the Coptics of Egypt. All we’re directed to think about is that one conspicuous pre-Christian religion.

If these numbers are somewhat accurate and they cover it up in order to “promote” their own genocide then that’s pretty shady to say the least

This is making me think of Jews in a different way even. That old clay tablet had Armenia on it and they were almost wiped out altogether? Just go to Israel please. Especially the crypto-Westjuden. “Don’t have any genocidal thoughts, don’t have any genocidal thoughts” – Muslims killing Christians, Jews killing Christians – you both are primitives, it would be better if you died, if the choice had to be made, and you savages know it too. I didn’t start this, I’m a reaction to people wanting to disappear Christians and post-Christians. The genocidal attitude starts with the kikes and wanting to do the same to them is only a natural retaliation. Half-Asian middle-eastern primitives who missed the Christian boat. Thus they’re not truly human and we all know it, and yet they’re the ones who control people’s minds these days. Someone has to do something about it. I hope this post was ambiguous enough for you to get you thinking thoughts that weren’t imposed on you by these greasy money-grubbers.

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