Not to be such a hateful POS sometimes which I honestly am, sometimes I like to imagine my anonymous readers who I don’t know about as part of some kind of band. Some kind of club. We’re avoiding the rabble here because that’s all we can do, that’s our nature. Even with normal things I’d prefer to talk with them, “How’s the weather?” A white city. Shudras will tell you something different about what the weather is like. You think I want you making excuses for being a permanent slave? They prevent the progress of knowledge with their attitude. I want to be able to have a conversation with someone intelligent. And the fedsNSAetc will prevent that through fear. “Watch what you say or you’ll go to prison” – the sure sign you’re not living in a white society. Yellow, asian, some type of nigger society we live in. What is the absolute truth? Is it beyond judaism perhaps? No, we could never think that. Do jews support BLM because they think of themselves as a type of .. what’s the word? Can you guess? Screens controlled by “anglos puritans whites etc” right, they’re controlled by what’s the word, can you guess? It starts with N. It’s a form of orthodoxy that has run its course. They’re not the chosen people, they’re niggers. We only believe they aren’t because we thought they believed the “old testament” all this time, no, it was the Talmud. “I’m a christian entangled in jewish capital” – so you have no hope then. Or do you? It’s up to you. I only try to create some kind of space for those who are silenced who like to have a laugh about all this. “HA HA how funny it is that with their plan only money-grubbers and jungle niggers will exist” – That’s only funny to you, to me that calls for redacted redactings. Capital and unconsciousness, that’s what you believe in? Alright, so if I said that if you died it would only make me happy, what would be your response? (incoherent capital unconsciousness noises) i.e. only niggers oppose what I say, this is a secret group that has its differences we might add, that at the end of the day agrees about this collusion of descending iq and increase of money. What’s that, you’re part of the dumb niggers with white skin who want to make money? Then you’re not part of the club, nigger.

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