This is near the end of that historiography book, I wonder if we can find some parallels

The governing regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey conducted an academic purge following a failed coup in 2016, and as recently as spring 2017 was pursuing two historians accused of denigrating the memory of Turkey’s modern founder Atatürk

Illegal historiography? My first thought is MLK’s plagiarism, can’t imagine an academic would exactly be “honored” for writing about that today.

180,000 public employees were purged, talk about draining the swamp. Unless Erdogan purged our equivalent of “reactionaries”? Interesting in light of my post from yesterday- lots of Political Science professors were fired.

We can narrow it down

Some 6,000 of Turkey’s 150,000 academics would ultimately share his fate.

Reminds me of when I was in Shanghai asking everyone what they thought of Mao and they’d all, like robots, exclaim “He was the greatest man who ever lived!” Are the Turks like that with Atatürk?

Could it be that these academics represented a fifth column? i.e. were gradually trying to instigate a color revolution to push Turkey toward EU ideals? Atatürk himself was an advocate of secularism, so.. has anyone looked into possible CIA connections with him?

“From the vault- Atatürk on never-before-seen video genuflecting to Mecca”? Jk I made that up.

Why am I even bothering to waste my time reading this English MSM article, time to go to the Turkish internet. That’s weird- one of the first articles I find is ABOUT that MSM article I was reading. Were people who were purged… the kind that would write about the purging?

Some academics were imprisoned, others killed themselves. What did they write about? Here are some essays from one of them, the head of the polisci department, who after the purge said that the Turkish bureaucracy got more powerful than the Mülkiye.

Was there some kind of Magister Ludi aristocracy going on?

Orrr the very opposite?

Can anyone relate to this, or do you have 100% goodthoughts

“We are very afraid,” said the student, “our thoughts, views and bodies are now under the threat of violence from all sides. Now we think three or four times, not two, before we write or say something. “

Apparently many of the academics were connected to Gulen

Looks like they might have had some kind of exo/eso dimension that was found out.

Erdogan declared a state of emergency and issued decrees to purge them that were vague in describing exactly what they did wrong – “terrorism”. Historiographical at all? Haven’t found anything like that besides from the initial book that was excerpted. Literature students were arrested too. What were they reading?

This purge led to a high increase in self-censorship and stagnation in the academy. Sad to see something like this happening in Turkey and find so many similarities to the US. Good work, we’re like Turkey, bravo.

We need something like this

a political science school was the most important institution in the education of Turkey’s governing class

They taught statesmen and political historians. Okay so what is the good vs. bad historiography there?? Whatever this caste was exactly it’s reminding me of the hippie infiltration of our own universities. So good for Erdogan (at least that’s where my understanding is at for now). After scouring the web for a while to find what that initial historiography book was getting at I still haven’t found anything, so that itself might be symptomatic.

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