This is a less garbled version of that begone demons book, though still imperfect. I’m willing to bet we can trust insta-translate to do a more honest job than an English publisher. They said they were going to publish that in 2016 and I don’t see it, how unfair of a fight that is? Camel-riders as Saddam says the stereotype is. If they’re such camel-riders why can’t you even let their books be known in the west? Such weaklings.

There’s speculation regarding the degree to which these books of his are shadow-written, and my thought on that is that even if they are, it still says something that he would asked his fellow Iraqis to write such books. I’m kind of floored here reading this one where he takes on the persona of Abraham and talks to the three monotheisms as his children. Would you ever have expected that?! From a dune tyrant, as the way he was presented to us? I’ve very rarely seen that level of self-consciousness from either a Christian or a Hebrew. I see why they wouldn’t have published these books, because the more I read from them the more convinced I am that the Iraq War was a war crime and nothing else.

In the way that there’s a difference between Shia and Sunni Islam which led to the latter being more easily manipulated, I believe there is a similar dynamic among the different Christian denominations, and that the Anglos were conned. If we hope to save the west there needs to be as decisive a break as the protestant revolution again. Asking a lot? Yeah you could say that.

Abraham? I’m baking a ham right now. Most people are always living on the latter side of consciousness. I almost look more forward to eating that than I do to continuing this post actually, I don’t want to live in the air all the time. Everyone needs to live in the air some of the time, and everything will be better as a result. As absurd as it sounds, we need to learn from Saddam and think like Abraham and wonder about these three monotheisms, see them as children rather than centuries old. What would you teach them all if they were children?

Because I for one am far from convinced that the ones who pretend to be the adults in the room actually are. Teenagers with mental health issues is more what I see.

More than even Abraham we need to go back to the Source before him too. Both the Source and the most blessed of God’s children need to be consulted for a reconstruction of religion. That is to say that certain people throughout history could be considered adults to guide us. They’re not the Source, they’re just the best that the Source has offered us. All these need to be utilized in order to rethink things. We live in a hegemony of one of Abraham’s sons and as Saddam says, there’s reason to believe he has evil inclinations. “You’re really citing SADDAM as an authority here?” He has a point. There’s a reason this book of his was un-existened for so many years, and that he was murdered. They didn’t want him to keep running his mouth for the citizens of the ZOG-US to hear. That probably tempered the ones who are alive today – “You see what we did to him?” Think that didn’t have an effect on them?

Abraham to (((Isaac)))

Rude my will, my son, because age is getting ahead of me, and I am afraid that I will die, and you will not change your temper, so you will regret it.

I feel like I’m being pranked right now. Saddam Hussein is speaking as Abraham? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

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