Talking to objects who live in the delusion that they’re conscious, it’s always a fun time. Not like talking to myself in a closed room or anything. Might as well be talking to my screen. Hello, you have no humanity at all, you are less than human, how are you doing, screen? “Doing good.” Do you feel things at all or are you just a hologram in a simulation? That’s what almost all people seem to me. Why try to be “nice” to them when they’re objects? No different from the ground they walk on. Do they have feelings? If they don’t have consciousness what feelings do they have? Might as well be this chunk of pig I’m using to make my soup later. I wish I was joking, I always expect to find an angel and that’s just wishful thinking. People who aren’t alive at all, might as well be soil, who hate anyone who wonders why they are in that state of unconsciousness. They’re never going to stop being that, they’re like rocks with faces that can walk. If someone proved me wrong I’d be happy, I just haven’t seen it for .. years? so I anticipate I won’t see it any time soon. Hello inanimate matter with a manufactured personality, how are you doing? -static-? Very interesting, do say more. Ahh I see, you’ve only tricked me into thinking you’re not an object. I know now. “I’m alive! I’m aware!” Really? Where? “I’m disguising myself as part of the unthinking conglomerate of–” I doubt it. You’re one of them, just a collection of objects. Hi screen how are you? You have feelings? I doubt it. “I agree with you about the problem of vulgarization, here I’ll prove it” – no you won’t. You haven’t for years. I’m talking to objects that will never change. Prove you aren’t one then. Instead they will feel vengeful that I called them what they are and only do the opposite. Object-World – are you happy, objects? You probably are, though I doubt you have any experience at all besides static. Prove me wrong, my hopes for you are at about zero. You can still try though? I mean, who wants to be indistinguishable from dirt? Give it a try. -inert objects continue being inert objects-

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