Just seeing what axis of evil countries have to say about Heidegger’s infamous notebooks – more interesting stuff from the russkies than from the persians.

A smartphone is a crowd in your pocket, the mass of humanity itself, which has chained us to itself with our own fingers and eyes; the smartphone is the closest thing that constructs people as “modern people” … a smartphone connects planetarism and idiocy into one (a smartphone opens the global world to everyone, wherever they are – and opens it, of course, in the form of idiocy.

Of course the first directly applicable interpretation of H I find on a “blog”. I was scrolling through this 1000pg German study on Beyond Good and Evil, and there’s such a disconnect between the academy and “life”. Nonetheless this scholar is prolific and neechfreeks might like to know of him given there’s no English equivalent I know of.

Why don’t academics talk like this

Enlightenment, despotism, stupidity, media are a single process of eradication of Being from existence.

“We are Friends of the People.” Apparently not if you sugarcoat everything for them.

Wincing at the extreme thought that if all academic work was deleted it might be better, so that people could look at the great geniuses of the past with fresh eyes.

The closest reading of Hölderlin, Nietzsche and the pre-Socratics did not help Heidegger understand the essence of the Shoah, the plan “Ost”, etc.

I only say the following because you’re not going to see it in any scholarship in the next 100 years probably- Who are you to say that?

They all take this condescending approach to him. Heidegger was not a mere scholar, none of them would’ve been worthy to breathe his air. That’s not going to change the next century of scholarship one bit.

There’s literally not one website like mine that would give anyone an idea of why H would’ve wrote what he did in those notebooks. No one takes Revaluation seriously. The oblivion of Being, you’re probably living in it. Being has abandoned humanity.

Is this really the year he names, must have missed that somewhere

At the earliest around 2300, History may return again. Then Americanism will exhaust itself due to its excess of emptiness. But before that, a person will make his still unforeseen steps forward into nothing…

Three centuries instead of one? Well he’s the authority.

This article on the Russian reception of his notebooks is a nice change of pace

each sentence from the truly grandiose thinking laboratory of Heidegger requires no less effort than the interpretation of fragments of Heraclitus… Therefore, I could not imagine that less than a year after the publication of these esoteric notes of Heidegger, large-scale studies of the “Heidegger case” began to appear

Anglophiles are probably going, “Heraclitus? Give me a break.” Still, he has a point though.

Why did he postpone the publication of these notebooks for so many years? This Russian anyway lacks the nationalist pride that prevents many I’ve seen from saying what seems accurate

We can say that Heidegger assumed a high probability that Western Heidegger studies would be untenable when faced with the greatness of German thought.

Here’s something for the “dismal folder” from one of H’s notebooks

speaking will remain as meaningless in the future as it has been in recent years

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