It’s meaningless to speak because the defense-mechanisms are impossible to route around. That’s what we mean when we say bioleninism, that it’s something permanent. Whatever preserves their ego is what they’re going to choose, and it’s not exactly “them” that’s choosing, it’s a subconscious survival maneuver.

Try to repeat their basic stance out loud and see if it doesn’t sound absurd to you-

“The ones who created civilization are bad, and niggers, Talmudists, whores, and cowards are good.”

Can you say that? Because that’s what they believe. And no matter what you say they will make an excuse for themselves. No, you’re the garbage of humanity and you form a majority, that’s all that is.

There’s no talking to them, they’ll defend their way of life no matter the consequences. Baboonery, greed and exploitation, the proliferation of orphans, none of them care, and they never will. All of them are objectively worthless and the fact that they can never admit it only makes them even more of subhuman disgraces upon the earth that we have to live among. No Jew you’re a piece of shit, you have 3000 years to prove it. Statistics prove that whores only lead to sad children who grow up to be dysfunctional. Cowards, it goes without saying, do we need a study for you to know what you are, bitch? And everyone knows that niggers are apes, we don’t need a study for that either. There’s no point in talking to any of them, and if you’re one of their apologists you’re just a corporate-aligned coward so you’re one of them too. How does it feel to be a nigger? Does one talk to animals in the zoo like they’re human? You can imagine my thoughts about you.

Go ahead and say it out loud- “The ones who created civilization are bad, and niggers, Talmudists, whores, and cowards are good.” This is your mantra. Wasting my time talking to non-humans, I’ll get right on that.

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